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Knicks bring the heat against the Suns

After a crushing defeat to the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night, the Knicks got it done against the Phoenix Suns on Friday. The Rockets rolled all over the Knicks in a blow out loss for the Knicks of 119-97. New York however,  would not be deterred by the setback. Going into the game against Phoenixn New York kept their eyes on the prize as the really took it to the Suns in a 120-107 victory.

The Suns managed to stay in the game offensively for the most part. Only losing by 13, Phoenix really dropped off in the first quarter, allowing the Knicks to take control of the game early. Off the boards and defensively the two teams were neck-and-neck. Efficiency however, was the difference maker this time around. The Knicks shot just under 52% from the field while the Suns struggled to get above 35%. The Knicks simply wouldn’t let up and made sure to put this game away. It wasn’t just a great team win for New York, but really a spectacle of what their top players can do when they play together.

The Big Three?
Kristaps Porzingis had a bit of an off game against the Rockets, only scoring 19 points with five rebounds. Against the Suns, Porzingis looked to dominate. He dropped 37 points and seven rebounds along with three blocks, owning both sides of the ball. Tim Hardaway Jr. wouldn’t let him be the only one in the spotlight. Hardaway added 21 points to the victory, displaying that he is the team’s number two guy. Enes Kanter, who is surprisingly rounding out New York’s current big-three, gave the Knicks a double-double with 16 points and 15 rebounds. These three came out to play and should continue to do so every single night. If  Kanter, Porzingis, and Hardaway play this in sync every night New York fans can expect a lot more wins going forward.


The Knicks have a lot more games ahead of them and harder teams to face. On Sunday night New York will host the Indiana Pacers in an attempt to build off of this slow rise. With a 4-4 record early in the season the Knicks sit at the ninth seed in the East. If they continue to be consistent and play well together they have a chance to go up the ranks. It is not too late for the Knicks to be a presence in this League.


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