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Making history one more time: Sasha Banks and Charlotte to face off in an Iron Man Match


Sasha Banks v. Charlotte (WWE Twitter)

Sasha Banks v. Charlotte (WWE Twitter)

It’s not a surprise that Charlotte and Sasha Banks have become the forefront of the Women’s Revolution. Every match they have had has been great, and history making. They’ve had WrestleMania matches, matches that have main evented Raw, Hell in a Cell matches and Falls Count Anywhere matches. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, they always look to outdo themselves.

It looks like we aren’t done yet.

Last night on Raw, WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks challenged Charlotte to a match at WWE Roadblock (only on the WWE Network for $9.99). In what could be the final match in their historic rivalry, Sasha decided to up the ante. She challenged “The Queen” to a 30-minute Iron Man Match.


Charlotte (off camera) responded later on Raw, and then savagely beat up the champion as Ric Flair was watching (very long story there). Clearly unhinged, Charlotte is looking to beat Sasha as many times as possible within the 30-minute limit in order to regain the title.

Sasha Banks in an Iron Man Match? Where have I heard that before? “The Boss” was the first woman to compete in an Iron Man Match in WWE when she faced Bayley at NXT: TakeOver: Respect for 30 minutes. That was one of the most important matches in NXT and WWE history. One could say it’s because of those two that all of this is possible (I don’t think whoever said that is wrong).

Why am I sharing this history lesson with you? Sasha clearly has the advantage over Charlotte, but with the various title changes going on over the past few months, anything is possible. We’ve seen that these women will do anything in order to prove that they belong in a WWE ring. An Iron Man Match opens the possibility for an absolute barbaric and legendary encounter.

While it would be nice for other women to get the spotlight (Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and the SmackDown Live women try their best), its understandable why Sasha and Charlotte are able to compete in these historical matches: they’ve earned it.

Will these women main event a PPV once again? The match should, seeing how it has the potential to steal the show (once again). Will this match be better than Sasha’s encounter with Bayley? Probably not, but not many matches can top that. Will it be a match talked about for years to come? YES! YES! YES!

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