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Matt Hardy: A #BROKEN man with a brilliant wrestling mind

In the professional wrestling world, nothing is the same. There are wrestlers with different styles, who come from different cultures etc. Sometimes a wrestler must go through a change in order to get an advantage on the competition. Triple H and Evolution said it best, you either adapt or perish. If that’s the case, not only has Matt Hardy adapted, he raised the bar for change in the wrestling world.

Matt Hardy had a good run in WWE, but never had quite as many opportunities as his brother Jeff. When they both went to TNA Wrestling (Jeff returning in 2010 and Matt returning in 2014), it seemed like history was bound to repeat itself. Over time however, Matt went in a different direction and became TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He later turned heel and gained his “Big Money Matt” persona. When Matt lost the title he fought against Jeff in some good matches. When his brother got the best of him, Matt had to adapt. With some creative freedom in TNA, Matt put something together that would get people talking.  His new, cocky image wasn’t enough to elevate himself, so he began a transformation. What a GLORIOUS transformation it was.

Matt dyed some of his hair white, dressed differently, started calling Jeff “Brother Nero” and spoke with three different accents (at once). Listen to any of his promos, you won’t be able to understand anything he’s saying. None of it makes any sense, but when Matt Hardy is on TV you just can’t turn away.

The “Broken One” and his transformation does not only apply in the ring, but everywhere else. Matt, always one looking to gain Twitter followers, has lived his #BROKEN persona to perfection. He utilizes social media to spread his characters image. Matt now has followers looking to DELETE DELETE DELETE (etc) all of the “Brother Nero’s” in their lives. They understand how hard he has worked to get to where he is, and they appreciate all the effort put into being broken.


Some say that kayfabe is dead. If that’s the case then Matt (like Justin Timberlake apparently brought sexy back) has successfully brought kayfabe back. You can tell he is having fun and that’s all that matters. Matt also tells a story with his interviews. While talking to the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Matt discussed how he is enhancing the entertainment aspect of pro wrestling. He stated:

“I am bringing wrestling back to a different universe, where it is more entertainment. I am going to base it off entertainment and I put the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctionality’.”

His “Final Deletion” match against Jeff is the perfect example of pure entertainment. Wrestling has had some crazy matches and storylines, but Matt turned this possible mess into a masterpiece. It was the most watched YouTube video for a while, and had celebrities, film makers and wrestlers around the world talking. WWE might have even ripped it off when The New Day and The Wyatt Family fought.


If you can’t appreciate all the hard work that Matt Hardy has put into perfecting his broken image then wrestling may not be for you. If Matt finds out who you are he may DELETE you! It may take some getting used to, but “Broken” Matt Hardy is here to stay. Now if you will excuse me, it’s time to worship Lord Maxel Hardy.

Here’s hoping Mr. Hardy finds this piece and gives it an “E” for EXCELLENT!

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