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New York Jets players report to the NFLPA over hidden cameras in the locker room

The NFLPA is investigating accusations from New York Jets players after they learned about hidden cameras in the team’s locker room, according to ESPN.

Players were not aware of the cameras. If the cameras violate the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), action will be taken. The players learned of the cameras which were hidden in smoke detectors, New York Daily News reports. 

“I’m pissed,” one former player said. “That’s our space. Why would you have a camera in there? That’s bullsh—.”

The league strongly believes the cameras do not break any rules, per the ESPN report. The NFLPA informed the NFL in late October. They cameras were installed in 2008 during construction and is only retained for a rolling basis every 30 days. Members of the Florham Park security facility check the footage when they have to usually in response to theft or a report of unauthorized access.

The Jets are fully are of the situation and will not speak publicly about it.

“We are aware of the situation, and will have no further comment at this time.”

-Jets spokesperson

The NFLPA also declined to comment this week.

The New York Jets believe they didn’t break any rules in the CBA or any New Jersey laws. Players in the past have allegedly asked or footage to be reviewed when things go missing or are stolen. ESPN asked for former Jets about the cameras, two were not aware of the cameras and the others were not aware.

The investigation of the cameras and players consent and knowledge of them continues.


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