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NY Sharks Hope to End Regular Season Undefeated, Will Host Washington on Saturday



The New York Sharks are preparing for their final regular season game this week as they take on one of their conference rivals, the Washington Prodigy (4-3).

The Sharks are looking to end the season undefeated at 8-0, but will need to first get through a Washington team they beat earlier in the year in a close 10-7 contest. The first time these two teams faced one another it was in a low scoring affair and the Sharks offense struggled a bit. That is something that the Sharks are focusing on this week in preparation for the regular season finale.

The Sharks are looking to take advantage of the extra yards on the ground and through the air for this week. That is something they were not able to do in the first game against Prodigy and they believe they can win with that tactic. New York believes they should have scored more points in the first game, too. Staying focused and sticking to their game plan is what the Sharks believe will lead them to a more convincing win this week.

“We just need to focus and we played them before, so we kinda know how they come out on the field, their level of athleticism, and their skills. So being this is our last home game we definitely want to come out with the win. So focus and a lot of energy,” said Sharks wide receiver Krystal Molina.

“This game will be more of a chess game,” said Sharks running back/cornerback Jewelle Grimsley. “It is about out thinking our opponents. We already played them once and we know that they are looking to do something different. Also looking at film to figure us out, so they are going to try to stop all of our outside runs and everything like that, which is why we need to cut everything to the inside or we will probably have to hit them over the top , or something like that.”

As with any team that is undefeated, there is a lot of confidence surrounding this Sharks right now. The players believe the team’s confidence level is very high right now, as it has been throughout the season.

“They are extremely high and the reason being is that we already played the team, even though the game was close. We had a really rough game and it wasn’t our best, so right now we are all thinking the same thing like you got us before, we were not expecting what you were dishing out , and now we’re ready,” said Grimsley.

Since the Sharks are undefeated heading into their final game of the regular season, some may believe there is a great deal of pressure heading into this one. Of course, Washington would like to be the team that gives the Sharks their first loss before the playoffs begin. The Sharks do not feel any added pressure heading into this, however they do believe the team thrives under pressure.

“Yea, you know that there is always pressure on you being undefeated because you know that at any given day you can get beat, but I think that the New York Sharks thrives on pressure. We will take it and go with it as we continue to do what we have been doing all year,” says Sharks outside linebacker Amber Terrell.

After a tough week of practice, the Sharks believe they are ready for Washington. The team has been waiting to get a second chance against this team and this time they are on their home field. The Sharks head into this game with strong defensive play of late, as well as great plays from their offense which was something they lacked the last time out.

New York has one goal in mind, a championship.

“This year absolutely is just to get this chip, we have players that have been on this team for years, specifically my quarterback. I am not only doing it for my team, but for my quarterback, she is 16 years in she deserves a ring. So definitely the goal is the chip,” said Molina.

The Sharks look to erase the memories of the first game that ended in a sack by defensive end Brooklyn Fields at the goal line which clinched the game for New York.

Saturday’s game will be part of history as members of the NFL W.O.N. program will be officiating the game. The first time ever that there will be an all-female officiating crew for a regular season game.

The Sharks take on the Washington Prodigy this Saturday at 6PM at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY.

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