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Rangers Have Breakup Day Drama

Dan Boyle (Getty Images)

Dan Boyle (Getty Images)


Leaving early from the playoffs is never a fun time to be around a locker room, and for Dan Boyle his anger toward some members of the media bubbled over today.

Boyle refused to begin his end of the year talk with reporters until Larry Brooks and Brett Cyrgalis of the New York Post left the circle.

There’s lots of speculation as to the reasoning behind Boyle’s decision but one thing is for sure that he wasn’t a big fan of either man and with retirement on his mind decided to – possibly – go out with a bark and not a whimper.

Whether Boyle returns to the NHL next season or not he more than likely will not be on the New York Rangers.

As for the rest of the players, it was revealed that Dan Girardi was playing with a concussion to begin the playoffs that regressed forcing him to sit out and that Derek Stepan will play for the USA in the World Cup and Derrick Brassard will play for Canada at the World Championships.

The disappointment was rampant with Rick Nash, Henrik Lundqvist, and the Staal brothers – Eric and Marc – who all knew this was better than how they performed and yet were unable to do anything against Pittsburgh.

Eric Staal eluded to the fact that he wasn’t put in the kind of spot he was hoping for by saying that he needs to be  a guy who’s counted on more and then would not rule out the possibility of returning to Carolina.

It’s not even a week since the Rangers season ended and there are already a lot of fireworks on a team that is entering a major transitional offseason. What happens next could end up defining this organization for many years to come.

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