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Top reasons why 8-10 hours of sleep leads to a healthy lifestyle

In this generation of technology takeover, it is really difficult for a lot of people to get a good night’s sleep. It’s recommended to have 8-10 hours of sleep each night. But of course, distractions are everywhere — whether that be from scrolling through social media platforms, watching movies or TV shows, or staying up on your laptop doing work and looking at emails.

Also, the stress of everything that has been going on in 2020 causes individuals to spend the night tossing and turning. When you have a lot on your mind which results in a poor night’s sleep, not everyone has the leisure of being able to sleep in to recover.

There are many of negative risks for having a bad nights sleep on your physical body. Lack of sleep, not only can make you feel mentally drained, tired, groggy and exhausted and cause a poor and unproductive day the next day. But it can have long term affects on the physical health of your body and come in between you and a healthy lifestyle.

Here are seven reasons why a lack of sleep can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle:

  1. Poor sleep is a major risk factor for weight gain and obesity.

  2. Poor sleep can increase your appetite

    • When you do not get enough sleep your body will increase ghrelin and decrease in leptin which in turn will cause your body to be hungry and increase the appetite of the individual.
  3. Sleep helps you fight cravings and make healthy choices

    • Lack of sleep makes it harder for the human body to fight off cravings of tempting foods.
    • Lack of sleep can cause an individual to crave carbs and fat and cause an individual to eat higher calories
  4. Poor sleep can increase your calorie intake

    • People who get poor sleep tend to consume more calories and affect your portion control
  5. Less hours of sleep may decrease your resting metabolism

    • Your RMR (resting metabolic rate) is the number of calories that your body will burn when you are at rest. This is affected by an individuals age, weight, height, gender and muscle mass.
    • Poor sleep can also cause muscle loss. Typically 8/10 hours of healthy sleep with allow for muscle gain and muscle growth and also muscle recovery. Muscles burn more calories at rest than an individuals fat does. So when muscle is LOST, RMR will decrease.
  6. Sleep can enhance physical activity

    • Lack of sleep can cause daytime fatigue which in turn will make you less likely to want to work out and less motivated to exercise.
  7. It helps prevent insulin resistance

    • A lack of sleep can cause cells to become insulin resistant.
    • Having excess of insulin makes you feel that your body is hungrier and will also tell the body to store more calories as fat in the body. Insulin resistance is a forewarning for type 2 diabetes and also weight gain.

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