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Surviving The Super Bowl 101 – Giants Fans

New York Giants fans are in a bit of a conundrum come Super Bowl Sunday.  Who do you root for?  Do you take the side of the new rival New England Patriots, who you have defeated in two Super Bowls?  Or do you turn to the dark side and cheer on your biggest nemesis Philadelphia Eagles?  I’ll break down reasons to root for either team.  If you don’t want to root for either, there are plenty of alternatives to root for.

The Case For The New England Patriots

If I were a Giants fan, I would most definitely be rooting for the New England Patriots.  The Giants have already defeated the Pats twice in the Super Bowl during their dynasty run, so there shouldn’t be all that much animosity.  These are probably the most appealing reasons to root for the most successful franchise in recent memory.

  • They aren’t the Eagles.  If I were a Giants fan I wouldn’t be caught dead rooting for my biggest rival.
  • Bill Belichick is the Giants former Defensive Coordinator and has good ties to New York.  He was part of two Super Bowl victories and was key in unleashing the beastly linebacker Lawrence Taylor.
  • Wouldn’t it be sweet to be the only team in recent memory to defeat New England in the Super Bowl?  They’re nearly immortal over the past 15 seasons, with Eli Manning being Tom Brady’s Kryptonite.
  • Did I mention they’re playing the Philadelphia Eagles?

The Case For The Philadelphia Eagles

If you really hate the Patriots that much and want to root for your biggest rivals, be my guest.  It doesn’t make much sense but there are some endearing qualities about the Eagles.  There could be a few reasons why you would root for the Eagles.

  • Everyone is sick of the Patriots winning.  There’s nothing quite like the world uniting to root against the evil empire.
  • The Eagles have a similar story to the 1990 New York Giants.  The defenses are stout, they are led by backup quarterbacks into the Super Bowl, and they have a lot of unknowns going into the game.
  • The city that gave you Rocky is the ultimate underdog in this year’s Super Bowl.  With Nick Foles as quarterback, he could be yelling “Yo, Adrian” after a Super Bowl win.  Everybody loves an underdog story.

The Alternatives

Personally, I wouldn’t root for either team if I were a Giant fan.  I would root for good times, beers that flow, and some delicious finger foods that come out throughout the night.

  • Get an in-house Super Bowl box pool going if you don’t have any boxes.  Root for your numbers.  If you have some bad numbers, root for a safety or missed extra point!
  • Look forward to the buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and various array of dips.
  • Forget about the game and focus on the commercials for your enjoyment.  The Super Bowl brings out the best and originality in the companies that produce these commercials.

I hope my little guide to the Super Bowl as a Giants fan gives people some good ideas.  Realistically it’s mostly advice to just ignore the game and stuff your face with food while you wait for the next commercial.  Not the worst idea, right?

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