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The Luck of the Irish – Results of Conor McGregor’s pre-UFC 223 court hearing

McGregor will not be spending any time in jail, and is available to fight in 2018

The title of this article speaks for itself. MMA superstar Conor McGregor pleaded guilty to a single violation of disorderly conduct this morning (July 26) in Brooklyn. This was stemming from his involvement in the pre-UFC 223 melee at the Barclays Center.

A few months ago, McGregor was arrested and charged with assault after throwing a dolly at a bus in the Barclays Center a few days before UFC 223. As part of the deal, McGregor (21-3) will avoid jail time. He will be required however to undergo five days of community service and attend up to three days of anger management. The 30-year old must also pay restitution for any damage inflicted from throwing the dolly. That included compensation for Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa, who had to back out of their respected fights. They were also given orders of protections against McGregor, along with Jason Ledbetter. The order will be placed until July 2020.

McGregor spoke to the media following the decision:

Entering this hearing, it was assumed that McGregor would be facing a few years in prison. He was facing up to ten misdemeanor charges and two felony charges. Now, he won’t even have a criminal record.

Now that the whole fiasco has come to pass, it is expected that McGregor will get back into the octagon soon. A “super fight” between Khabib Nurmagomedov, the man that McGregor was looking to face in the UFC 223 melee, and “The Notorious One” is now on its way to becoming a reality. That would be for Khabib’s Lightweight Title. The location? Rumors are swirling that UFC 230 in Madison Square Garden would be the ideal spot for this fight.

Some would say McGregor got off easily. As one of the biggest marketing attractions in UFC history, McGregor’s actions are not new to MMA fans. While a deal like this may seem like a slap on the wrist, it is worth noting that the whole ordeal was carried out, regardless of the person involved.

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