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UFC 207: What about Amanda Nunes?

Amanda Nunes (LA Times)

Amanda Nunes (LA Times)

After a fantastic 2016, UFC will end their year with UFC 207 at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada. In case you didn’t know, Ronda Rousey (12-1) makes her return to the octagon on December 30th (a special Friday event). Its hard to forget, since all promos for the event seem to be about her. In case you were confused on who she’s facing, it will be against UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes. While we can never forget what Ronda has done for the UFC and women’s MMA, it feels like the current champion is getting left behind.

Here is my warning to everyone before UFC 207: Watch out for Amanda Nunes.

The 28-year old Brazilian won the UFC Bantamweight Title from Miesha Tate at UFC 200 with ease. Nunes (13-4) has won six of her last seven fights, and has all of the skills to be a superstar. It appears I’m not the only one who has noticed. Last week during the UFC on FOX 22 event, another promo focusing on Rousey’s return was shown. Commentator Joe Rogan was one of the few members of the UFC to finally speak out on the issue via Twitter.



Nunes herself appears annoyed at the lack of attention, mainly due to Ronda’s avoidance of the media. Besides going on Ellen, Conan and The Tonight Show, Rousey hasn’t done the media tour for UFC 207 that Nunes has. Rousey’s name grew because of the media, but then all was quiet on her end. Dana White wanted to give her a break due to what she went through after her loss to Holly Holm. Nunes spoke to FOX Sports regarding the issue:

“This is MMA, people are going to talk good about you, people are going to talk bad about you. You have to be ready for it. You guys (the media), you’re part of our lives, part of our careers. We have to talk and speak to the media because this is part of our job. She’s being so dramatic and weird about that. She knows this is normal… I really don’t want to think she’s weak but she shows that she’s been avoiding all those things that made her who she is now. I think it’s a little bit weird.”

The last two lines are pretty important here. Keep in mind I 100% respect Ronda as a fighter and as a human being. While I understand why Ronda needed time, as a fighter she is obligated to speak to the media at some point (Conor McGregor already dealt with the consequences of his actions earlier this year). I also understand she deserves some privacy, but she recently made a bombshell announcement worth talking about. If this is truly one her of last fights like she announced, it kind of feels like avoiding the media is the last thing she should be doing. Win or lose, she won’t be able to not speak to them for long.

What if Amanda Nunes beats Rousey? Nunes is known to start off quick in the first round. Will fans and the media judge her and give her the “Ronda hasn’t fought in over a year, she wasn’t ready” excuse? I truly hope not. I honestly hope for a competitive fight, but don’t be surprised if Nunes dominates. USA Today’s Steven Marrocco reported that several fighters believe that Nunes is the favorite. Rousey could win, but then what?

In one of the promos for UFC 207, Nunes praises Rousey for what she has done for women in MMA, but proclaims that it is now her time to shine. Will she make the most of the moment? Will Rousey come back and finish what she started? We will find out on December 30th. My hope is that no matter what, BOTH fighters get the coverage and respect they deserve.

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