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UFC 244: The BMF Belt was created by the people, for the people

It is only fitting we find out who the baddest man on the planet is inside the World’s Most Famous Arena. At UFC 244 inside Madison Square Garden, Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will main event a stacked card. The prize? The BMF Belt.

While there are times MMA has provided fans with some great moments, it is rare for several of those moments to be a result of something that happened organically. There is also the case the moment gets ruined because the company involved in the promotion overstepped their boundaries. That is not the case here, as the BMF Belt actually feels important.

The BMF belt is a “by the fans, for the fans” product, in the most authentic way possible. Masvidal (34-13) and Diaz (20-11) are the perfect fighters to represent the BMF’s of the world.

For years, fighters have proven just how tough they are in the octagon. Not just the way they perform, but how they act under stressful situations. Think of it as a “cool factor” but turned up a notch. Many factors led to this moment, all of which surfaced over the last three years.

Once one of the most dominant fighters in the game, it could be said that Conor McGregor was due for the BMF Belt. He wanted shares in the UFC and more than any other fighter could ever request. Due to recent legal issues, among other things, he has been out of the picture.

One of McGregor’s previous opponents, Diaz, made more money in his two fights with Conor than any other time in his life. He then disappeared, waiting for his next worthy challenger as well as an increase in pay. A matchup in MSG last year against Dustin Poirier was canceled, thus forcing everyone to wait once again. Diaz returned at UFC 241, beating Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision. It was a classic, back to form-style fight for Diaz, who was welcomed back with open arms.

Before that fight, the world finally realized just how special of a fighter Masvidal is. At UFC 239, Masvidal knocked out Ben Askren in five seconds thanks to a flying knee. One of the most durable fighters out there, the 34-year-old has been around since 2003. Joining the UFC in 2013, Masvidal has an 11-6 record with the promotion, facing some of the toughest strikers in the UFC. While it looks like a streaky record, Masvidal’s durability has allowed him to last as long as he has.

Once Diaz announced his return people were clamoring for a number of matchups. After that Askren KO, Masvidal’s name was at the very top. Following the bout against Pettis, Diaz called out Masvidal, who was in the crowd. The fans went wild, realizing one of their dreams would become a reality.

Even without a “real” title, the BMF belt represents everything right with MMA. Two badasses going to war just for the sake of it. Pay may have increased and the belt is cool to look at, but the fight is just as chaotic as it is special. Recently, superfights have been deemed as cool but unnecessary. Sometimes, they have held back divisions. This time. however, there is nothing to lose from this.

If you add in the drama from Nate Diaz’s “failed drug test“, the aura of both fighters, The Rock (and even The President) being present, the fight could surpass the story in epic fashion.

When the cage door closes and Bruce Buffer starts the introductions, a moment will be created. The outcome will then be out of the hands of the fans. All they can do now is revel in the fact that what is happening in front of them is of their own design. Tonight (November 2), we find out who the baddest motherf*cker in MMA is. You asked for it, are you truly ready?

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