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What in the World Do the Jets Do With Robby Anderson?

In case all you Jet fans haven’t heard, your second best wide receiver was just arrested again for all kinds of crimes.  Robby Anderson was arrested on Friday morning for reckless driving, resisting arrest, eluding police and threatening a public servant.  He was arrested around 2:30 AM in Florida after allegedly driving 105 MPH in a 45 MPH zone.

To make things worse, Anderson was less than cooperative after being pulled over, which led to him being charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors.  Allegedly while Anderson was being arrested, he started shouting vulgarities about the officer’s wife and tried to use his status as a way to get out of the arrest, stating how wealthy he is and who he plays for.

This is a bad look for Anderson, especially after being arrested less than a year ago for resisting arrest and obstruction of justice at a concert in Miami. We’ve seen this before with many professional athletes, constantly getting into trouble, but at some point you need to grow up and face the music.  What are the possible outcomes for this Robby Anderson fiasco?

Gets Immediately Cut From Team

This is the least likely of scenarios, as Robby Anderson is a very talented receiver and, after all, the NFL is still a business.  There have been many players who have been given third and fourth chances who have done much worse than Anderson has.

I firmly believe that at some point either this week or next week, Anderson will sit down with ownership, coach Todd Bowles and GM Mike Maccagnan to explain himself and see what the options are.  Realistically, I’d like to see Anderson get one more chance because he’s a young kid, and kids are usually stupid.

Gets Suspended Four-to-Six Games By NFL

As we’ve seen in recent memory, Roger Goodell has put the hammer down on players who conduct themselves poorly off the field.  Exhibit A is Ezekiel Elliott, whose laundry list of poor behavior and allegations led to a six-game ban.  I foresee this being the most likely scenario, as the Jets don’t want to lose the talented kid but are willing to part with him for a quarter of the season.

There’s no way that Anderson won’t be suspended for at least four games.  Anything less than that is another black eye on the NFL and they can’t afford any more bad PR after the constant protests, lax penalties on players off the field in the past, and the lack of concussion protocol.  If it is a two game suspension, Goodell will be scrutinized.

Gets Traded Elsewhere

There are plenty of teams who would trade a third or fourth round pick for a cap-controlled wide receiver with a lot of upside.  There are teams that don’t mind taking on a kid with character issues, such as the Dallas Cowboys or Cincinnati Bengals.  Both are in need for a wide receiver, so if the price is right, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Anderson get a fresh start elsewhere and the Jets be able to at least get something for him.

Regardless of what happens, Robby Anderson needs to clean up his act off the field.  He’s a great talent, but eventually the chances are going to run out for someone who isn’t an elite talent.  Hopefully this young man figures it out, but if not, he will find himself out of a job soon.

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