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Yankees Hot Corner – The Yankees Don’t Need Manny Machado

Seriously, the Yankees really don’t need Manny Machado and there’s no reason to give away prospects for a rental unless they’re absolutely sure he’s going to re-sign with the club next year.  This has a very A-Rod-esque feel to it, and it’s completely unnecessary for a lot of reasons.

They need a pitcher, not a right-handed bat

The New York Yankees have a plethora of right handed bats in their lineup, including but not limited to Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres.  Giving up major assets to get another right-handed bat when they don’t need one is just silly.

The Yankees need to conserve all their assets to garner a starting pitcher.  Whether it be J.A. Happ, Michael Fulmer, or someone a little sexier, if the Yankees trade Clint Frazier and other prospects for Machado, the starting point for any other trade would have to be Miguel Andujar.  It boggles my mind that people are so willing to trade Miguel Andujar to get Machado.  Why go get someone when you really don’t need him?

This will cause unnecessary drama

Another main sticking point of why I don’t want Manny Machado is that he wants to play shortstop and shortstop only.  This has all the makings of a Derek Jeter – Alex Rodriguez rivalry between Didi Gregorius and Machado.  While Didi’s personality is much more laid back and he’s not the captain of the Yankees, he’s still an integral part of the team and will most certainly not be happy about another start shortstop on the team.

Considering the fact that Gregorius is due for a payday makes this move even more puzzling.  Is Machado an upgrade for Gregorius if the Yankees don’t want to pay him?  Maybe, but you’ll be paying Machado much more either way if he agrees to an extension and he is the worst rated defensive shortstop in the Major Leagues.  Didi is a wizard in the field and he can hold his own at the plate.  In addition, he’s a big time clubhouse guy and having Machado there instead of Didi just doesn’t feel right.  It feels like the “super team” of the post-dynasty era where the Yankees tried to pick up everyone under the sun (Sheffield, A-Rod, Giambi, Brown, Johnson) and it was just way too much ego for one clubhouse.

They have a third baseman

Piggybacking off my last two points of them needing their assets for pitching and having this trade cause unnecessary drama is the mere fact that they already have a stud young third baseman starting for them.  His name is Miguel Andujar, and if people are going to come back at me with “Manny Machado is so much better than Miguel Andujar, how can you not go after him?”, you’re absolutely right but that doesn’t mean that the Yankees need Manny Machado.

As I’ve stated before, Machado is a great offensive player and a mediocre third baseman (and even worse shortstop), so what are you really gaining from this trade?  Sure he’s one of the best young players in the game, but this Yankees line-up is already stacked and plugging in Machado instead of Andujar won’t make as big of a difference as you think.

Yankees fans need to stop having these pipe dreams about all of the young players in the MLB.  First it was Mike Trout, then it was Bryce Harper, now it’s Manny Machado.  The Yankees don’t need to try and acquire every good, young player in the Major Leagues.  There’s a reason why baseball is a TEAM game.  The Yankees’ third baseman during the dynasty years was Scott Brosius, and their second baseman Chuck Knoblauch.  They had a platoon in left field and realistically the only star position player who wasn’t homegrown was Paul O’Neill.

There is absolutely too much of a good thing, and this is what Manny Machado going to the Yankees is.  Unless Brian Cashman is explicitly planning to use Miguel Andujar as a centerpiece for a starting pitching deal, there is no reason why Manny Machado should ever be on this team.  Most Yankee fans should trust Cashman on this, but just always be wary because sometimes things that sound too good to be true are.

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