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VIDEO: Yordano Ventura, Manny Machado Ejected After HBP, Punch Clears Benches

(Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

(Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

The incident during Tuesday’s night game, which landed both Manny Machado and Yordano Ventura ejection started in the second inning after words were exchanged down from Ventura. Manny had only watched his pop up to left field be blown by the wind, which Ventura for some odd reason took offense to that. The hotheaded pitcher met Manny’s next at-bat; Ventura greeted him with an unprovoked 99-MPH fastball to the ribs. Machado’s handling of the incident was one to be expected as he charged the mount and landed a punch onto Ventura. Ventura went back to an empty dugout and sat alone as the rest of the Royals just looked at him.


Surprised that Ventura is somehow involved in this brawl? No body really is, after watching him last year. Ventura on April 18, 2015 plunked Oakland Athletics Brett Lawrie intentionally and was fined an undisclosed amount but managed to avoid any suspensions. The very next day, he  exchanged words with Chicago White Sox’s outfielder Adam Eaton, which lead both teams into a brawl, landing five players ejections including Ventura. Ventura was later suspended another seven games for his involvement. He also was involved in an unprovoked stare-down between himself and Angels Mike Trout. Ventura even met Trout at home plate to continue taunting him.


Both player are most likely to receive suspensions for their role in the incident. It’s clear that Yordano Ventura bush league actions should land him a steeper suspension as well as a peep talk from his peers. Ventura got what was coming his way, Machado will have to unfortunately deal with the suspension but hopefully there’ll be some leniency for Manny. Keeping in mind, the third baseman just took a 99-mph beam to the ribs.

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