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‘350 Days’ documentary continues to be an important, unscripted look into real-life troubles of wrestling stars

Fans have another chance to view one of the most important pro wrestling documentaries in the world today.

Behind the championship glory and the roar of the crowd, there is a whole other side of wrestling you rarely see. Going behind the curtain you will get a better look at the world of pro wrestling from a different perspective: the wrestlers themselves.

Following the successful debut of The Wrestler in 2008, Evan Ginzburg brought forward a more in-depth look at the life of a wrestler, from their highs (literally and figuratively) to their lowest of lows. “350 Days” followed wrestlers like Ted DiBiase, Jimmy Snuka, Greg Valentine, Wendi Richter, Tito Santana and more of your favorite stars from the past. While the fans see one thing, the life of a pro wrestler is completely different. The tough road schedule, among other factors, can lead to depression, divorce, addiction and even death.

An exclusive interview with JJ Dillon of The Four Horsemen was also included, discussing pro wrestling today. This isn’t the first time this has been talked about. In case you missed it, John Oliver spoke right before WrestleMania regarding how WWE treats their employees. While called independent contractors, that isn’t how it looks from the outside. Wrestlers themselves have spoken out about it, as they have struggled to move on due to lack of support or anything else. It is truly a sad situation.

WWE isn’t the first company to have this problem, but they are the most well-known out of all of them today. With the rise of pro wrestling all over the world, there may be a chance that something changes before it is way too late.

Fathom Events presented the film last year, and now it is available on iTunes for the world to see. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Ginzburg, the producer of the documentary. He will go into further detail on his love for wrestling and why “350 Days” is as important as ever.

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