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Analyzing what Bayley meant to NXT

What a couple of days it has been for Bayley. In an effort to regain the NXT Women’s Title, “The Huggable One” was defeated by the champion Asuka at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II on Saturday. That seemed to be the end for Bayley in NXT. She hugged her old friends, mom and superfan Izzy and soaked in the crowds applause before heading off to the back. This past Monday on Raw, all of her hard work paid off. With Sasha Banks out due to injury, Bayley was immediately inserted into the Women’s Title picture.

FINALLY, the last member of the Four Horsewomen has joined the WWE roster. With a supportive Brooklyn crowd behind her, Bayley’s debut was one for the ages.


While it is a very deserving promotion, one has to feel for the “NXT Universe” at Full Sail University. Bayley’s impact to NXT cannot be praised enough, but I will try my best. For years she has put her blood, sweat and tears into making NXT the hottest brand in the world. Those who watched her grow there are lucky enough to have seen her potential from the very beginning.

The quirky girl who wanted to hug everyone in her path became a quick fan favorite, and for obvious reasons. By always being positive she became a big role model for the young fans. Even the hardcore male fans couldn’t help but smile with their “I’m A Hugger” t-shirts. At the beginning of her run she took advantage of any opportunity to fight for the NXT Women’s Title, but always came up short. People still rooted her on, hoping one day Bayley would get her deserving moment.

Bayley’s feud with Sasha Banks not only was a shining moment for her, but a lasting one for women everywhere. WWE has had a long history of shady booking for their female talent. This time last year at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, a new era was brought into the world. Bayley rose to the occasion and beat Sasha, inspiring everyone that they can fulfill their dreams. One history-making IronWoman match later and the transformation of Bayley from superstar to NXT icon was complete.

WWE has a program on the WWE Network called Breaking Ground. The series shows an in depth look at the lives of NXT stars. I wasn’t surprised to find out that Bayley was picked as a de facto leader on the roster; helping younger talent with matches, speaking during meetings and anything else that was needed. She became someone to look up to inside and out of the ring.


From wrestling in small venues to filling up the Barclays Center, Bayley has been through it all. In the end of her run she finished the match against Asuka in classic Bayley fashion. If there’s anyone on WWE’s roster you can compare her to it would be John Cena; Bayley has that true “Never Give Up” attitude and she genuinely cares about those around her. Its really something to admire.

**An added bonus for the move would be if Izzy got to tag along with her. I’m not sure her mom would be OK with that strenuous WWE schedule. I’m sure Bayley’s number one fan will find a way to reach out any way she can. Who knows, we could see Izzy following in her hero’s footsteps one day. Bayley is to her what Eddie Guerrero is to Sasha Banks, and that’s awesome.**

Bayley slammed down the door and helped women gain recognition in the wrestling business / WWE via NXT. I can’t wait for her to do the same on the main roster. Now bring out the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men and hug someone next to you, iiiiiit’s Bayley time!


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