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Monday Morning Michelle: Bob Costas tops weekend trends



Good morning.  Happy Monday! It’s been a busy weekend, and I hope you’re doing well.  Usually, I do this column with a rundown of all that’s been trending in sports throughout the weekend, and try to summarize what’s going on in each of the American pro leagues.  This morning, however, I’m going to do things a bit differently.  I will share with you the top trend, and provide a separate article a bit later with a summary of what’s happening throughout the leagues.  The reason I’m doing it a bit differently this morning, has much to do with it being Monday, and you know how Mondays can sometimes go, especially Monday mornings!  [All kidding aside I have an interview scheduled, and I really do have to cut this one short, but I’ll be back!]

Segue into this weekend’s top trend, and it’s none other than Bob Costas.  I was actually doing a radio program when I noticed his name trending, and I thought aloud, “Oh no, Bob Costas is trending.  What did he do now?”  My initial thoughts were that he probably said something political, because he’s certainly been known for reaching the trend board after saying something about something he is passionate about.  Not sure which football game he interrupted to share his view on guns, and reveal his thoughts either indirectly or directly about the Second Amendment, but I’m pretty sure it was one of them. So why was Bob Costas trending this weekend? He said something that those ‘political correct gods’ deemed insensitive.  Now, maybe it was insensitive to speak about a pitcher’s ‘atrocious’ performance, and suggest that when he pointed to the sky, he was asking ‘departed relative [s]’ for forgiveness, yet some might have actually found it funny.  Well, by now I think Costas has asked for forgiveness, only not of his departed relatives, but from the Cubs pitcher, Pedro Strop.

Want my opinion, on the matter?  Well, at the risk of offending Bob Costas, Pedro Strop and all of my departed relatives, and anyone else who might be having a bad Monday, I’ll remain silent.


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Michelle has been a sports writer and analyst for many years. Now, as host of Neutral Court, sponsored by In The Zone, Michelle brings a new sports topic to the debate floor with each episode.
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