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Jets Lose To Patriots…No Surprise Here

Going into the Jets game against the New England Patriots last week, the opinion of many was for the Jets to just make a good showing against the Patriots. It was a foregone conclusion that they would lose the game but it was imperative that they at the very least keep it competitive for a little while. Unfortunately for the Jets, their 41-3 blowout loss to New England was a lost game from the very beginning and the chatter got a little louder regarding Todd Bowles’ job security.

Bryce Petty, who received the start on Sunday, was hurt in the first quarter and was replaced by a what seemed like an unprepared Ryan Fitzpatrick, who went 8-for-21 for 136 yards and two interceptions. The defense was overmatched as Jets rookies such as Darron Lee and Rontez Miles looked overmatched against Tom Brady and the machine that is the New England Patriots offense. To say it lightly, the Jets looked like a team that is ready for the off-season.

I’ve said this every week for the last month and I will say it again, Todd Bowles should not lose his job. Bowles is a victim of a flawed team that overachieved with a weak schedule last season and with the same team this season, couldn’t compete with a tougher schedule. Has the team quit on Bowles? I don’t think so but I do believe that some players, such as Sheldon Richardson and Fitzpatrick, are the epitome of players who are just colleting paychecks and not working hard. Bowles deserve another year, especially after this team forced him into a hospital stay last weekend.

Giants Back Into Playoffs After Losing In Primetime

I texted a friend of mine during Thursday night’s Giants-Eagles game and said that the Giants style isn’t just to win a game and clinch a playoff spot. Their style is more to back into the playoffs and that’s exactly what they did last weekend. The Giants could have clinched a playoff spot on their own but instead laid an egg against the Eagles losing 24-19. Even with the loss, the Giants clinched the fifth seed in the NFC playoffs after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the New Orleans Saints.

After clinching, the Giants have nothing to play for on Sunday when they travel to Washington. For the Redskins, a playoff spot is on the line so they have something to play for. Going into the playoffs, it would benefit the Giants to play on full blast to get into a rhythm going into the postseason. Add in the fact that the Redskins beat the Giants in Week 3 and what better way to get revenge than knock Washington out of the playoffs. If Tom Coughlin taught us anything, a good showing in the final game of the season could result in a long run in the playoffs.

Moving The Chains

  • Just when Oakland was being talked about as a threat in the AFC, Derek Carr breaks his leg and will miss the remainder of the season. Tough break for the Raiders who are finally good.
  • I’m sorry but there are too many bowl games. I get hyped up at the very beginning of bowl season but by this time, I’m burnt out. There’s too many pointless games that mean absolutely nothing. You’re telling me that you can’t have an eight-team playoff with these lesser bowls being used as playoff sites?
  • The Buffalo Bills fired Rex Ryan this week ahead of their finale against the Jets on Sunday. Ryan is a great defensive coordinator but he’s just not a head coach. His attention to detail is nowhere to be found and his quarterback selection has been atrocious. Just stick to defense and foot fetishes Rex.
  • How unlikeable is Alabama head coach Nick Saban? Just a terrible man.
  • Finally, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Stay safe and don’t get in too much trouble. Bump N’ Run will return next week as the NFL moves into the playoffs and the National Championship game matchup is set. There’s still an opportunity to buy face value tickets for the National Championship via If you’re a Bama, Buckeye, Tiger, or Husky fan, make sure you check it out.

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