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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Giants Offense Stumbles, Chargers And Joey Bosa At A Stalemate And Bryce Petty New Jets Backup QB?

(Photo by Rob Samuels - Double G Media)

(Photo by Rob Samuels – Double G Media)


The Giants Offense Is Lost In Buffalo

While it may be cool to be lost in Buffalo’s famous Chippewa Party District, the New York Giants offense needs to find its way home. In their 21-0 loss to the Bills on Saturday afternoon the Giants gained just 166 yards on offense. And while the Giants first-team defense showed flashes of brilliance, chemistry still needs to be gained in the last two weeks of the preseason for the unit.

Ryan Nassib continued to struggle going 2-for-12 after relieving Eli Manning. If these two games showed anything, it showed how bad Nassib is and the peril the Giants would be in if anything happened to Manning. Offensively the running game is struggling to find holes, which also exposes the offensive line. If Ben McAdoo wants to use the run more, holes have to open up for the running backs. If would also help if Andre Williams stops fumbling the ball.

Byrce Petty May Become The Jets’ Backup QB

One of the bright spots for the Jets this preseason has been Bryce Petty. Petty once again outplayed Geno Smith against the Redskins as Petty went 16-for-26, 242 yards and two touchdowns. This has created a QB controversy for the backup QB spot, which coach Todd Bowles has not really discussed since the Washington game.

Whether or not Mike Maccagnan has been looking for a way to get rid of Geno Smith, he may have found one. With the drafting Christian Hackenberg in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft, the Jets are not going to get rid of Hackenberg. Petty had his issues last season but it seems that he is in sync with the offense while Smith still seems like he is nowhere near being ready to start a regular season game for the Jets. At this point, Petty should be the backup quarterback and Smith should be traded or released.

Jets vs. Giants Preview

This Saturday is the annual MetLife Bowl between the Jets and Giants. This is the one preseason game where you will see starters from both teams for the entire first half and possibly the second half as well. Here are two things I am looking for in this game.

  1. The New York Giants offense needs to show something in this game. There is excitement for this game with the reported return of Victor Cruz this weekend. Aside from that, the running game needs to get amped up and the Giants need to solidify wide receiver spots 2-5.
  2. For the Jets the defense will be the story. Against the Jaguars and the Redskins, those teams ran up and down the field on the Jet defense, even the first team defense. It will be interesting to see what adjustments the defense makes and if the Jet secondary can get it together and some kind of a rotation can be built from this week’s game for the regular season.

Moving The Chains

  • Both Joey Bosa and the San Diego Chargers are complete morons. On Wednesday, the Chargers put forward their “best offer” to their first-round pick and Bosa said no thank you. So now San Diego has no defensive cornerstone and Bosa has no place to play. Another example of the San Diego Chargers being cheap and another example of another athlete coming into the pros feeling entitled.
  • The NFL are forcing the three active players implicated in an Al Jazeera report about PED’s to meet with the league. The calls about the scope of Roger Goddell’s power is reasonable but the players are to blame. They were so concerned about their cut of the profits that they let Goddell get away with having absolute power over discipline. Honestly Roger Goddell has been doing what has needed to be done for years…holding NFL players accountable for their actions. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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