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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Super Bowl Matchup Set And NFL Keeps Messing With Pro Bowl

The Super Bowl  Is Set

I guess I was wrong about Championship Sunday. I predicted a Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay Super Bowl and they were both smoked like a doobie in Colorado. I assumed those teams would come to play and in both games on Sunday, it was a foregone conclusion, very early, that they were outclassed in every way, shape and form. Hopefully no one took my predictions and bet on anything, if so my bad.

So we have the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots in Super  Bowl LI in Houston. The line has moved between three and five points in favor of the Patriots since Sunday night and according to some, that’s being generous. However with the way the Falcons have been playing, it seems like the game will be more competitive than everyone thinks. Look at the Carolina vs. New England Super Bowl from a few years as an example.

The worst part of this whole game is that we have New England in the Super Bowl again. Now for the next two weeks, we will hear about the virtues of the Patriots franchise, how Tom Brady is great, Bill Belichick is a genius and yada, yada, yada. Can we take into account that they did not have the greatest schedule this season and they get six gimme games against the AFC East? Let’s keep it in perspective people.

I will give my prediction next week but I really don’t think it’s gonna be the blowout that everyone thinks.

Moving The Chains

  • Kyle Shanahan seems to be the new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Bless his heart.
  • Why does the NFL insist on changing the Pro Bowl location and format every single year? Just leave it in Hawaii with the fantasy draft format of Legend vs. Legend.
  • I really dislike Skip Bayless. No major scoop there, just needed to be said.
  • The Seattle Seahawks’ championship window has officially closed and now they are hiding injuries on their weekly injury report. Always knew that Pete Carroll was kind of a dirty coach but his legend is growing.

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Kahlil Thomas

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