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Out of Service: Butler to discuss uncertain future with Timberwolves

According to reports, Jimmy Butler is set to meet with Timberwolves brass to discuss his future.

On Sunday, Jimmy Butler was set to meet with the Minnesota Timberwolves to discuss his future with the organization. The former Bull was traded to Minnesota at the beginning of last season, rejoining his former coach, Tom Thibodeau. Since then, the team has added many of Butler’s former teammates, including Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, and Taj Gibson. Moreover, Butler has publicly aired his frustration with the organization, prompting many rumors about future trade destinations. One of those proposed destinations has been the New York Knicks. While hopeful fans believed a move wouldn’t happen until 2019, these discussions could lead to an earlier move.

Thibodeau’s Nostalgic Collecting

While it may be skeptical at best that the Butler gets shipped to New York, the idea is not without promise. As recently as Friday, reports began to cement that New York is officially looking to part ways with Joakim Noah, another former Chicago Bull. Such a move could lead to Thibodeau trying to get his hands on Noah. While it is uncommon for a coach to have such a hand in picking players, Thibodeau is also the President of basketball operations for Minnesota. Thus, if talks with Butler go sideways, it is not impossible for Thibodeau to propose a trade with New York. After all, Thibodeau has successfully acquired most of his former players. Noah is one of the few, if not the only one, remaining. Of course, New York would likely have to add a few players to sweeten the deal, should one happen.

Let’s Make a deal

There are only a few players on New York’s roster that are seemingly untouchable. The team would likely not be willing to part with Kristaps Porzingis, who is the Knicks’ best player. New York would probably also be unwilling to trade Kevin Knox, whom the team has big plans. That being said, New York could easily add Frank Ntilikina or Emmanuel Mudiay to a trade package. New York doesn’t lack point guards and either young prospect could peek Minnesota’s interest. A defensive minded player like Ntilikina could peak the interest of defensively focused Tom Thibodeau.

New York should also be prepared for Minnesota to have a higher asking price. For instance, the Timberwolves could eye Tim Hardaway Jr., who was the second leading scorer for the Knicks. Hardaway Jr. is a player with promise, but he has yet to hit his stride truly. Even still, if Minnesota loses a scorer, they may want to add another. Thus, a realistic trade package could be Joakim Noah, Tim Hardaway Jr., and a young point guard for Jimmy Butler and possibly one other player. Of course in this prospective deal, both sides would do what is best for their respective squads.

Butler’s Future is unknown, for now

At this point, it is important to realize that this is all speculative. Butler could very well say he’s happy with the Timberwolves and he wants to stay. However, if Butler wants out, New York could offer Minnesota a package in hopes of landing the two-way player. Thibodeau has been a man on a mission to get most of his old squad back, so making a deal with New York could be a very real possibility.

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