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DGS Interview with Queens College star Merrick Rowland

The Queens College women’s basketball team added their newest 1,000 point scorer to the history books this week. Senior guard Merrick Rowland, who scored her 1,000th point with under two minutes to go against NYIT on Wednesday, has joined an elite group of athletes at the Division II school.

The shot itself came from the foul line, like so many of her previous points in the past. Despite the 89-81 defeat to the Bears of NYIT, I had a chance to sit down with not only Merrick, but also her mother Stacy. We spoke more about the accomplishment, as well as a family dynamic that includes five siblings. All of whom have been scholarship college basketball players:

Sam: Thank you for joining me, Merrick. How does it feel to surpass 1,000 points on your career and join a list of outstanding names who played in the Queens College jersey?

Merrick: It feels really good. Since I didn’t score 1,000 in high school, and now to do it in college shows how much I improved as a player. Also to be in the record books with my sisters, one who scored 2,000 and the other over 1,000 just feels really good.

Sam: That’s amazing! You’re joined by your mother Stacy. You have a lot to be proud of having three girls that led this team to the Elite Eight last year, on top of your son playing for New Haven, and oldest daughter for Del State. Can you talk about the family dynamic growing up with five college athletes? There must of been some serious pick up games in the Rowland family driveway?

Stacy: Well, the joke around the neighborhood is the reason we had five kids, is that’s a basketball team. So we definitely used the driveway for some showdowns. There was never a friendly game of pick up at our house.

Sam: I could imagine! No cars were parked in that driveway, I’m sure. Merrick, what was it like for your first two out of three years at Queens, playing with two of your older sisters Madison and Mackenzie at the Division II level?

Merrick: It was really nice. When I first came here as a sophomore, they already knew and understood the system, while I didn’t. So it really helped, even when they would yell at me sometimes, because their my sisters. It was fun playing with them because I already knew how they both played. So whether we knew when the other would pass or cut, it just made things even easier.

Sam: Absolutely. Certainly must of been tough to scout your team, when three players have been playing together for 20-plus years! Now for this year, how has it been so far after graduating Madison and Mackenzie as well as a few others. What has the transition been like?

Merrick: I think we’re getting there. We also have a couple injured right now, so that’s always tough. We’re definitely knowing each other more as a team, as our chemistry has been getting much better. When we first came in there was a lot of knew people so we had to figure out how everybody played. As the days go on we keep learning more about each other, which is only going to help us in the long run.

Sam: And for you Stacy, coming to all these games for five kids over the years, did you feel an added pressure to come to every game during the time three of your daughters were all playing together?

Stacy: It made it a lot easier! Because I have actually gone from here, to watch my son play in Connecticut. And I’m a little crazy, as I’m the number one fan, and will not miss this. My work knows that this is the number one thing

Sam: We could certainly tell. You were practically on the court when Merrick was at the line shooting for her 1,000th point. So now that you achieved this milestone, Merrick. Was the build up stressful? Or was it just something you wanted to get over with and focus on the season?

Merrick: I was a little nervous coming into this game, but now that I scored 1,000 its actually very exciting. When I was at the foul line and missed the first one I was like “oh god”. When I hit the second one it really felt good in the moment, but then I was immediately just refocusing in on the game.

Sam: Well we are all looking forward to following you the rest of your senior season, and thank you again for sitting down to talk about this awesome accomplishment.

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Sam is a College Basketball Analyst here at A former Division II collegiate basketball player himself, Sam is the broadcast personality of Queens College Sports Network "QCSN"
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