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DGS Main Event Most Improved Pro Wrestler of the Year – The Miz

The Miz (Sportskeeda)

The Miz (Sportskeeda)

When asking someone what stuck out in regards to pro wrestling in 2016, they might say, “how awesome The Miz was.” They wouldn’t be wrong. 2016 was one of the best years for The Miz. The “A-Lister” truly gave it his all. Nobody could even come close to touching the Intercontinental Champion this year. That is why he is the winner of the DGS Main Event Award for Most Improved Pro Wrestler of the Year.

I know what you’re thinking: With all of this praise, why isn’t The Miz this year’s Wrestler of the Year? That was a tough choice for me to make, and if there was an award for “best performer”, Miz would take the honor. I can’t please everyone.

While Mike Mizanin was always good on the mic, his in-ring work was not on the same level. A little more motivated this year, The Miz put on a clinic of great wrestling matches. I would even say this year was better than his WWE Title run and his teaming with R-Truth from 2010-early 2012. He really picked it up this year after winning the Intercontinental Title from Zach Ryder after WrestleMania 32. I’ll also include that same night when Maryse (his wife) returned and became his manager. Those two are so organic; they just create magic in and out of the ring when together.

I truly believe he brought some prestige back to the title, making it one of the most important pieces of hardware out there. His “tour” of the title has been one of the most entertaining storyline’s this year. It shows how much The Miz cares for a title with such a rich history.  His defenses have been great simply because of how he brings emotion into all of them. Some of those that come to mind:

  • The Extreme Rules Fatal 4-Way match against Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
  • Survivor Series against Sami Zayn
  • Every single PPV match against Dolph Ziggler
    • Backlash
    • No Mercy (although he lost, it was a phenomenal match)
    • TLC in a Ladder Match (one of my favorite bouts)

The moment when The Miz blew me away this year was during that controversial Pipe Bomb on Talking Smack towards Daniel Bryan. Frustrated with his GM’s opinion of him, Miz created a sound bite that shook the wrestling community to its core. It was the starting point for his hot run we see today.

*Side note: If Daniel Bryan is healthy and all of this animosity between the two leads to a match at WrestleMania, then I am all for that.*

The Miz is a true bad guy we love to hate, especially when what he says on the mic is fairly true. He elevates feuds to make us care. I consider him the second best worker in the company, only behind my pick for Wrestler of the Year. Whenever the camera is on him, it always results in a must-see moment.

SmackDown Live has been the best thing for The Miz, and vise versa. 2016 has been one hell of a ride for him. If The Miz can keep the momentum going, his 2017 will be simply… AWESOME!

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