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DGS Main Event Pro Wrestling Comeback of the Year – Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins (Bleacher Report)

Seth Rollins (Bleacher Report)

2015 was Seth Rollins’ year. He was on a roll, winning the WWE World Title at WrestleMania 31, ending the biggest PPV of the year by shocking every fan there. Along the way he won the Unites States Title and put on great matches against various opponents. Just when he was doing well on his own (no Authority involved), he got injured at a house show in November. A devastating injury forced him to relinquish the WWE Title, and made his future uncertain. Nobody was sure when he would be back. A few days later, Rollins posted a tweet that would soon become his mantra:


“The Architect” made his triumphant return at the Extreme Rules PPV (late May of 2016), attacking Roman Reigns after his match with A.J. Styles. Looking stronger than before, Rollins challenged Reigns for the title at WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV. He won the match and the title, before losing it immediately to Money in the Bank winner Dean Ambrose.  Those few seconds before he lost the title proved that “The Man” was truly back!

When the brand split returned earlier this year, Seth Rollins was picked at number one, signalling that the company had big things planned for him. He was immediately booked into high profile matches, facing Finn Balor at SummerSlam for the newly created WWE Universal Title. While he lost that bout, it was definitely a moment he can look back on proudly.Unfortunately Balor got injured during that match, and the title was available once again. I’m sure you know the rest: Triple H betrayed Rollins and Kevin Owens became the new Universal Champion.

At that moment, Rollins went from the bad guy people despised to someone fans adored. He fought to gain revenge on the Authority (even if he just recently acknowledged Triple H’s presence). Although Roman Reigns is currently the challenger for Owens’ title (I’ll get to him another time), Rollins has put in the work and has made Monday Night Raw the Seth Rollins Show (I’ll have to work on that title).

Rumor has it that Seth will face HHH at WrestleMania, which is an interesting idea. I don’t doubt these two could have a fantastic match against one another.

If you ever get the chance, go watch the Seth Rollins special on the WWE Network (for only $9.99): WWE 24: Seth Rollins: Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim. You could just tell how much it pained him to not be in that ring. All of his patience and hard work got him to where he is today. For that, we honor him with the DGS Main Event Award for Comeback of the Year.

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