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DGS Main Event Wrestler to Look Out For in 2017 – Marty Scurll

Marty Scurll (Twitter)

Marty Scurll (Twitter)

In today’s world of professional wrestling, everyone wants to be pleased. With every complicated story to tell, there’s an even more complicated move to perform. One man is breaking that mold. That man is Marty Scurll. He is “The Villain”; a true opposite of what you think you know. He is here to change the landscape of professional wrestling. Normally that would upset some fans/booker’s, but everyone seems to have embraced “The Villain”.

In a sport where there have been boogeymen and dead men, Marty Scurll is bringing back the gentleman. Consider him a successful modern-day James Bond villain. Just like every show he is in, Marty Scurll has stolen the DGS Main Event Award for Wrestler to Look Out For in 2017.

2016 was truly the year of “The Villain”. The Englishman brought some culture into the US and has helped put UK wrestling on the map. One would say that WWE’s United Kingdom Championship Tournament was a direct result of his success. I’m sure he would love to take that credit. The fact that wrestling overseas is now getting mainstream exposure has to count for something, right? During his amazing year, Marty has done the following:

  • Became the first man to defend the Progress Championship overseas, making it a true World Title. He was also the first man to win the title more than once.
  • He won the 2016 PWG Battle of Los Angeles Tournament. This is the event that has helped elevate wrestlers like Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, Sami Zayn and Zach Sabre Jr. He was a heavy favorite throughout the event and beat the likes of Cody Rhodes, Pentagon Jr. and Will Ospreay.
  • In his first night with Ring of Honor he won the ROH World Television Title.

Not a bad way to spend the year. Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Marty explained the inner workings of his character. In a sense its his job to go back to the basics to be successful, while also implementing some fresh material that feels original. He went on to say:

“Wrestling has been built, for many, many years, as the good guy versus the bad. That’s how wrestling has worked forever. But I am ‘The Villain,’ and I am not defined by whether you like me or don’t like me. I’m a man obsessed with cheating, a man who doesn’t mind cutting corners, I’m a man who will do anything it takes to win the match. I am sick—people chant ‘Sick!’ at me. I am malicious, I am vindictive—that’s just the way I am…What you see is what you get. Do I have a chip on my shoulder? Absolutely. I’m here to prove to everyone that I’m the best wrestler in the world and that I can revolutionize this business. So when you look at ‘The Villain,’ that’s who I am and what you see is what you get.”

Its so simple yet so effective. Everyone has a bad side, you just have to figure out how to use it. In NXT, The Revival is as old school of a tag team as you can get. They proved that with a great story, motivation and a little attitude anything is possible. Marty Scurll has taken that approach and turned it into something seductive; something you can’t turn away from. That’s how he gets to work all of these events and gets the crowd to chant his name.

Ring of Honor hit the jackpot by signing him to a contract. With rumors swirling that talent will be leaving soon, a true opportunity may have arrived. Knowing how “The Villain” operates, he will battle through all challengers to take that top spot. By the end of 2017, he could win another title for the company: the ROH World Title. It’s not unrealistic, nor is it that he could win many titles in other promotions during that time.

Watch out world: In 2016 “The Villain” Marty Scurll made history. 2017 could be the year he outdoes himself.

Current DGS Main Event Awards:

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