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Divorced Dad Helping To Make Golf A Family Experience With Kids Clothing Line

Scott Petinga, a socialpreneur who champions many causes, was bothered by the fact that due to the expense of the sport, golf was not being made available to the underprivileged, so he decided to take action.

As a divorced dad and cancer survivor who has spent much time evaluating the really important things in his life, Scott took up golf with his three daughters. As he embarked on this new family sport with them, he could not find a reasonably priced line of golf clothing his girls could wear that was appropriate for the links.

So, he decided to design his own line of affordable golf clothing for kids and donate 50 percent of the profits to bring the sport to those who couldn’t afford to play. Petinga spent four months, with no prior design experience, designing and redesigning the entire collection. What has resulted is a fun, hip and colorful assortment of junior golf apparel that makes a bold statement on and off the course: wynnr.

Golf is meant to bring all families together regardless of financial standing, and wynnr is a taking a step in the right direction.

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