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Former WWE Champions and Legends Added to Battle Royal at Evolution

From Hall of Famers to former champions, Evolution’s battle royal added some legit star power to it.

It wasn’t that long ago when WWE announced that Evolution, the first all-women PPV in WWE history would be taking place on October 28. We were told about 50 women from the past, present and future would be appearing in some way or another. With a limited number of bouts needing to be on the card, how could everyone get their time to shine?

This past week, WWE announced a battle royal, pitting multiple women against one another. The winner would receive a future title opportunity. Already announced were women currently on the roster, including:

– Asuka

– Ember Moon

– Tamina Snuka

– Billie Kay

– Peyton Royce

– Alicia Fox

– Nia Jax

– Dana Brooke

– Mandy Rose

– Sonya Deville

– Carmella

– Lana

– Naomi

With a majority of SmackDown Live’s roster in it, and Raw’s women soon to follow, would there be anyone else joining the list? Luckily, WWE dove deep in their alumni pool to add some women who have helped pave the way.

Here is what you need to know about these former everyday superstars:

Michelle McCool: A two-time WWE Women’s and Divas Champion, McCool was a major star during the pre-women’s evolution. PWI’s Woman of the Year in 2010, McCool went from Diva Search contestant to valet to master technician. Teaming with Laya as LayCool was a key highlight in getting her some much-deserved attention. She returned to in-ring action at the Royal Rumble this past year and continued her mastery of the ring.

– Ivory: There are two WWE Hall of Famers in this battle royal. Ivory, this past year’s recipient, is one of them. A three-time WWE Women’s Champion, Ivory is one of the original GLOW girls, making herself a true trailblazer in the industry. Her best work came while she was a member of Right to Censor, a group that was outside the norms of WWE’s Attitude Era shenanigans.

Torrie Wilson: One of the rare stars who could say they were in WCW and WWE before and after the Invasion. Torrie was first announced with the current stars this past Monday. Known for being a valet, Playboy model, and a great company woman. When performing, Torrie has always shown she can compete with the very best.

– Maria Kanellis: After having a baby and recovering from a broken wrist, all in one year, Maria is back inside a WWE ring. Another Diva Search contestant, Maria was a key piece in WWE’s Ruthless Aggression Era. While she was primarily a backstage interviewer, when given the opportunity she produced in the ring. Upon leaving WWE in 2010, Maria had a coming out party while in Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling, winning the Knockouts Championship for the latter.

Kelly Kelly: Debuting in WWE when she was 19, Kelly(x2) literally grew before our very eyes. A former Divas Champion, Kelly currently does some acting outside of wrestling. Coming back around the Royal Rumble as well, Kelly might not be the most experienced out of everyone in this battle royal, but she does bring some entertainment to it.

Alundra Blayze: Another WWE Hall of Famer, we could call the woman formerly known as Madusa as the true trailblazer of the 90’s. Her resume speaks for itself, as Alundra is a three-time WWE Women’s Champion, two-time IWA World Women’s Champion and one-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion. She is most famous for showing up to WCW while WWE/F Women’s Champion and thowing said championship in the trash. Controversy creates cash, and Alundra moment is one of the many reasons the industry today has changed.

Molly Holly: One of the nicest and dedicated pro wrestler there is, many female wrestlers have nothing but praise for Mighty Molly. A former WWE Women’s and Hardcore Champion, Molly Holly last appeared in the ring back at the Royal Rumble this past year. Her love for pro wrestling (and wanting to be on a wrestling card) was the primary reason for Victoria being able to shave her head at WrestleMania 20.

It is unknown how many more women will be included in the battle royal. With a field this stacked, anything is possible. Stay tuned as WWE is expected to make more announcements before the day of the event.

Evolution takes place on October 28 at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, NY. Tickets can be purchased at the Coliseum box office or at

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