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From the Classroom to the Basketball Floor, Braeden Anderson is succeeding at all Levels

Seton Hall/Gannet

Seton Hall/Gannet

It was Seton Hall Media Day on Thursday as Walsh Gym was filled with reporters looking for one last word before the Pirates’ open up their pre-season.

There was talk of leadership, the back and front courts, but more importantly, school. Braeden Anderson, a transfer student from Fresno State will take the floor this year for the Pirates’ with much more then basketball on his mind. Anderson is enrolled in Seton Hall’s Law School, and has been a very busy man with the season right around the corner.

“It’s obviously a grind,” Anderson said at Media Day. “I am not putting more time or effort into one or the other, it is just very hard to be a great law student and a great basketball player. Law school is very immersive and intensive educational experience as well as college basketball.”

Anderson also stated that he was fulfilling his expectations in both aspects of life.

“When you’re doing something like this there is going to be days where I can’t give my all in law school or in basketball, but I really feel that for the most part thus far I have been able to fulfil my potential in both areas.”

Anderson has been balancing both for about two months now, and at times he gets worn down.

“You can tell when he has had a tough day at law school it’s been interesting,” Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard said. “Braeden is a very determined young man and is very passionate about making this all work. He is playing at a high level of basketball and going to one of the best law schools in the country.”

Anderson does get mentally stressed, but looks to basketball as a way to get away from the classroom and just play basketball.

“He is taking a full course load at law school and is commuting back here to practice with these guys for four hours,” Willard said. “Leadership isn’t always talking. He sets a very good example for the young guys with his work ethic and professionalism.”

Anderson does however get flustered at practice as some of his days are longer than others.

“I pull him aside and we talk about law school,” Willard stated. “I tell him he doesn’t have to worry about boxing out, just take a break.”

Anderson is doing something that hasn’t been done too many times before. Law school and Division 1 basketball will definitely take its toll, but when push comes to shove Anderson is setting an example for everyone.

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