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Filmmaker Kyle Thrash Documents Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl Win Through the Eyes of Fans in “Maybe Next Year” (VIDEO)

In 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. The victory marked the NFL team‘s first Super Bowl win.

Filmmaker Kyle Thrash

Filmmaker Kyle Thrash takes viewers through the Philadelphia Eagles’ road to Super Bowl success, while analyzing the national stigma placed on Eagles fans through the eyes of four Eagles fanatics, in his documentary, Maybe Next Year. The Lehigh Valley native and Drexel University graduate tells In The Zone’s Candace Cordelia that he was always in the “Philly sports realm— going to games and going down to the Vet[erans Stadium] as a kid and then the Linc[oln Financial Field] as a young adult.”

“I was always seeing these larger than life characters in Philly sports and seeing these fans go down at five in the morning with these huge RVs and painting their face and wearing insane costumes and other gear. I felt like it would make for a really interesting short doc about community and…looking at their psyche as fans and looking at what makes Philadelphia Eagles fans and Philadelphia sports fans unique, where that national media perception of us being ‘the worst fan’ kind of comes from,” says Thrash.

Thrash profiles four Philadelphia fans in Maybe Next Year — Shirley, Barry, Jesse and Bryant. Bryant is the most well-known Eagles fanatic of the group, thanks to his popular YouTube persona as EDP445. Bryant’s fame is attributed to his passionate, no-holds barred rants following Eagles games and genuine love for the NFL team and Thrash posits that the Eagles, for Bryant, provides an escape in a world where love seems hard to find.

Thrash begins, “I think he’s experienced a lot of pain. He lost his mother and it’s just him and his father and they don’t get along that well. I think he’s someone that needs some love in his life, whether that’s in a partner or a friend. I think he’s someone that uses sports and uses his channel on YouTube as an outlet for some of his frustrations. I wanted to kind of explore outside of just sport, where some of that frustration comes from”

“He’s a sweetheart. He does have a good heart. He’s a polarizing character, so I wanted to show the other side that maybe people don’t know about him.”

Maybe Next Year is essentially a film about the underdog — from the Philadelphia Eagles to their fans and the City of Brotherly Love that embraces both. It’s a documentary worth watching for football lovers and non-football enthusiasts alike, especially the Super Bowl LII celebratory footage showing people pouring into the streets of Philadelphia. If there was ever a  sports documentary to watch in 2020, Maybe Next Year is a top choice.

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Candace Cordelia has been an on-camera interviewer and writer for In The Zone since the Summer of 2020. Candace's journalism experience includes writing for the New York Daily News and ABC Radio, where she also conducted celebrity interviews and audio production/editing for ABC Radio's national radio affiliates across the country. Her on-camera experience involves working as a backstage/in-ring interviewer with a number of independent wrestling promotions and as an actress. Candace is dedicated to bringing combat sports and eSports news to the In The Zone universe.

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