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Medical issues force major changes to WWE TLC, including the in-ring return of Kurt Angle

WWE TLC just got a lot more interesting thanks to several stars missing the event due to illness

They say anything can happen in pro wrestling, and it looks like WWE is taking that to heart. This Sunday’s TLC PPV just took an interesting turn thanks to several stars unable to perform due to a viral infection. As a result, Kurt Angle will be making his WWE in-ring return in a TLC match. Another shocking change will be AJ Styles switching brands for one night to face Finn Balor.

Yes, you read that right. No, this is not a dream. Yes, everyone in the world is just as confused as you are.

It all started with several reports saying Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas and JoJo have been off TV due to medical reasons. At first it was thought to be viral meningitis. The Raw roster was then put on watch, and the rumors turned into facts thanks to Pro Wrestling Sheet and other sources. It was later announced as a case of the mumps. It was bad enough that Roman Reigns was forced off the card, delaying a true Shield reunion. That’s when WWE announced the major changes to the PPV.

One thing to come out of this will be AJ Styles battling Finn Balor in what could only be described as a match between former leaders of the Bullet Club. What’s interesting is that Styles never interacted with Balor in New Japan as AJ came in when Balor was leaving. This match should be… too sweet.

With just a few days notice, WWE may have to alter a few storylines for the long run. Will Finn Balor still use his demon (pumpkin) persona, or just wrestle as an ordinary man? Will Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attack one of the two? After all, this is a match that doesn’t have major implications, so a loss doesn’t mean anything for both. Will Jason Jordan replace Kurt Angle in the TLC match? Will Angle perform any crazy moves, or will he be limited? So many questions with so little answers to them.

TLC just went from an OK card to must-watch for various reasons. Kurt Angle, who has a history of neck problems, will be competing in a very dangerous match against people who are younger and somewhat faster than he is. Safety will be key in this match, especially with talent dropping like flies.

Everyone will be keeping a close eye on WWE. Will more talent need to miss time? We’ll have to tune in this Sunday to find out.

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