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Mets Have Their RBI Guy, Trouble is, He’s Hitting Lead Off

Curtis Granderson (USATSI)

Curtis Granderson (USATSI)


The cry from Mets’ fans to sign a big bat has been a Mets’ fan cry for about 30 years.

From Foster, to Bonilla, to Baerga, to Vaughn, to Zeile, to Bay, the search has been endless save for a few “homeruns” so to speak with the signing of Mike Piazza and the trade for Yoenis Cespedes (both of whom arrived via trade).

So the notion that the Mets could just “Sign a bat” is a bit of a red herring as frustrating as it is in this moment when a guy like Yoenis Cespedes is sitting to be had if the Wilpons open their wallet.

The problem is, Cespedes just had his career year and he just turned 30 an age which now means decline since we no longer live in the “Steroid Era”.

How will Cespedes react to a longterm contract?  Are his best days behind him, in other words, would the Mets, or any other MLB team signing the slugger, be paying him for what he “used to do” rather than will do – see Jason Bay and Mo Vaughn.

For the Mets, it’s identifying who they can add that will provide something useful that doesn’t tax whatever budget constraint with which Sandy Alderson and his staff are working.

If money is the issue (which it pretty much always is especially with the Mets) and the Mets need the flexibility to add a big bat in July, then to me, the solution is pretty clear.

The Mets should go after a good defensive outfielder who can provide a spark at the top of the order and not command a huge contract – options like Dexter Fowler (what kind of name is Dexter anyway?), or Denard Span.

Then, they can move Curtis Granderson, a man who you know can handle New York (because he has) down in the lineup in an RBI producing role.


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