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Monday Morning Michelle ~ LeBron, Love, Dale Jr., & Jon Jones

Yankees Twitter

Yankees Twitter


If you were paying attention to the sports social media trends this past weekend, you probably already know that the number one trend might have been Jon Jones, and his being sought for questioning by the Albuquerque police.  Albuquerque police took to Twitter to share that they could not confirm that Jones was suspected in a H&R accident.  The UFC did release a statement regarding the matter, that stated they were aware that “the Albuquerque Police Department is interested in speaking to Jon Jones  regarding his possible involvement in a motor vehicle accident.”  There were several tweets sent back and fourth by those who report on, as well as, fans of UFC.  For additional information, on this and other UFC information, you might want to add Louis D/Andrilli [ @SportSXMMA] to your ‘Must Follow’ list.  Louis reports about MMA on SportSXRadio on the Yahoo Sports Radio Network. which airs M-F 7-10 PST.

Other trends included the #NBAPlayoffs.  Kevin Love’s name was at the top of the Twitter trends.  It was his dislocated shoulder, and how it came about that was getting attention.  According to Mitch Lawrence, who reports for Forbes mag, “Love and Olynyk were vying for a loose ball in the first quarter when the “Boston Mangler” went to work, taking a good hard yank on Love’s arm.  Love ran off the court  directly to the locker room.” The phrase ‘bush-league’ became notable commentary as Love was quoted as using the baseball term, and shared that he felt the outcome [ his being injury ] was intentional.  [ According to sources, ‘bush-league’ play originated in baseball when minor league teams played in the country, and were staffed with amateur players.  Although not originally intended to have negative connotation, it now serves to mean as lower standard of play. ]

What about the games?  When asked, those who follow me on Twitter shared that they felt the top trend ought to be #Sweeps.  The Cavs got the sweep but according to Love may be out for 2-3 weeks.  The Wizards got the sweep over the Raptors.  Jorge Castillo [ @JorgeCastillo ] of The Washington Post, reported that “Paul Pierce strutted off the Verizon Center floor Sunday evening to a standing ovation, beckoning more noise from the broom-wielding capacity crowd…”

In other news regarding the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks head coach, Rick Carlisle was fined $25,000 for publicly criticizing the officiating. [ Announcement came from Rod Thorn, President, Basketball Operations. ]

Perhaps one of the most exciting trends, happened to be when LeBron got a full-court basket with a one-handed throw.  According to, Dwight Howard also made a similar shot, and both shots made the Twitter sphere. [ I had seen LeBron’s come across my thread, but did not take note of Dwight’s full court shot ].

In news regarding the NFL Draft, looks like Leah Still might be the NFL’s top pick this year!

In baseball, the MLB suspension of six players involved in the White Sox-Royals brawl was top of the charts as far as what people seemed to be chatting about.  Although the brawl had happened on Thursday night, in the seventh inning at U.S. Cellular Field, it was the ‘talk of the town’ all weekend long.  According to USA Today Sports, Yordano Ventura, the Royals starting pitcher received the harshest penalty “for cursing at White Sox batter Adam Eaton after fielding a ground ball.”

Let’s see what else?  Oh in NASCAR news, it appears that Tony Stewart is mad at Dale, Jr.  Nobody knows why.

Lots of folks were tweeting about the upcoming fight in Vegas, and ESPN tweets about whether Mayweather should be boycotted got some attention.  Apparently, Mayweather has had his share of accusations about domestic violence issues, and some fail to see how this man should get the attention he’s getting, just because he’s good in the ring.  Others, including Stephen A. Smith spent lots of time talking about how he doesn’t focus on negative attention, while he was busy focusing on negative attention.  For more on this see news reported in the

There’s more out there, but for now this is a pretty good capsule of what’s been trending this past weekend, and early on Monday morning.  Interestingly enough, the #SubwaySeries did not make the nation’s paper, or the New York Times.  Then again it might have, but I’ve not yet read the small print.  [ That’s so strange to me, that a ‘subway series’ between the Mets and the Yanks is nowhere to be found in a paper called ‘The New York Times’ . . . Maybe I should look again. After all it is Monday, and maybe it’s there somewhere …. the question is where. ] I know that Yanks won because my phone blew up, with texts and tweets from the @Yankees didn’t hesitate to #StartSpreadingtheNews.

Oh and Tom Brady, skipped the White House visit.

For more on what’s trending in sports and a look at what’s to come this week, including a look at the odds for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, follow @SportSXMichelle on Twitter.  


Mets / Yanks over for now, Rangers / Islanders on deck ?????  It’s all going to come down to ‘Game Seven’ . . .



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