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Moving Forward: How Michael Beasley Departure Impacts Kevin Knox

Former New York Knicks swingman, Michael Beasley, officially joined the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday. He and a host of free agents, including LeBron James, set out to Los Angeles in an attempt to bring “showtime” back to the Staples Center. His departure comes after a solid year in the Garden, where he averaged 13.2 points per game. His absence, though, leaves the starting spot open for a young and budding Kevin Knox.

A Year in the Big Apple

Beasley had a solid outing for the 2017-2018 NBA season. He promised to play as hard as other top tier small forwards, and followed that promise through on certain nights. More than once, Beasley had berths of 30 point scoring games. He tried to fill the Carmelo Anthony sized hole in the team and used his veteran pedigree to be a source of confidence for his teammates. Ultimately, his efforts were insufficient to help the Knicks break into the playoffs. A slew of injuries and inexperience left the Knicks sitting at the 10th seed in the East by the end of the season. Though he proved to be the confident and competent veteran, the Knicks chose not to re-sign Beasley this off-season.

New Faces

With the drafting of Kevin Knox and the addition of Mario Hezonja, Beasley would have found himself hard pressed for minutes if he was re-signed. Furthermore, the team would likely want to utilize Knox more, who has been phenomenal in the summer league. Averaging 21.3 points per game, Knox made the All Summer League First Team. Of course, come October, Knox will have to tap into a whole other level to compete with top tier NBA talent. With Beasley gone, the Knicks will likely place Knox in the starting lineup, with Hezonja as his backup. Knox will be right at the center of the Knicks’ vision of a young developed core, which is something that Beasley likely recognized.

In Conclusion

Michael Beasley did what he could for this team. He ended up living out a short stint in the Garden. His efforts did not go unnoticed with Knicks fans, though. With high hopes, Beasley heads west to make an impact on another rebuilding franchise. He leaves his now former organization in the hands of a young talent, Kevin Knox, who is ready to make a splash on this league.

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