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Name My Fantasy Football Team

Double G Sports will be participating in the Sports Page Network Football League. I need your help. Help me name my new franchise!

Double G Sports is the proud owner of a brand new football franchise. Yes, thats right, I own a new football team. I get to start it from scratch as it will be part of a brand new league.

So maybe it’s a fantasy football league, but I still get to own the team. Double G Sports will be part of the Fantasy Football League.

The league will be in its inaugural season this year and will consist of 16 teams divided into two conferences. Each conference will have two four team divisions.

I am asking you, my readers to help me name my franchise. I want to keep Double G Sports in the name, so it would have to be something like Double G Sports Red Lightning or Double G Sports Pioneers, etc.

Send me your ideas. Once I get your ideas, I will put up a poll for everyone to vote on. So hurry up and get your ideas in to me!

Email them to me at

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