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Nets Having Trouble Trading Lopez and Johnson?

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez and guard Joe Johnson have been amongst trade rumors for the last few weeks. The Nets have failed to meet expectations thus far, leaving the organization no choice but to rid the team of huge contracts and rebuild.

When the Nets acquired Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks, he was an all-star averaging 19 points per game. He was set to be apart of a dominant backcourt and attribute to the team’s success in the playoffs. Lopez was also to be apart of the team’s future with 21 points per game, career high numbers for the center. With a string of disappointing playoff runs, the Nets are gearing toward a different route.

Mid-way through the season, the Nets sit 9th in a sub-par Eastern Conference. Lopez has dealt with a slew of injuries that has affected his performance on the court. His numbers are down from 21 points per game to a measly 15. The Nets are hoping to acquire big names for the one time all-star as several teams have sparked interest. Lopez could easily be a huge addition to any playoff team looking to make a championship run. Teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets could use the center as another offensive threat. Although they all want Lopez, none are willing to disband their core group of players making it difficult for the Nets to deal out the center.

Trading Johnson has been even more challenging. Johnson has a huge max contract worth 23million this season and 24.9 million next season. Teams are interested in the former all-star but would have to heavily shed their roster to get him. Although Johnson could be a great addition to the likes of the New Orleans Pelicans and Charlotte Hornets, both are leery about giving up their good players for a former all-star whose numbers have steadily decreased each of the last 3 seasons. There is no doubt that Johnson can score the ball but he is averaging 15.7 points per game, his lowest since his sophomore year.

Depending on how badly the Nets want to get rid of Lopez and Johnson, they will have no choice but to except less than what they are bargaining for. Analysts believe the Nets should round up as many decent players and draft picks as possible for the two former all-stars. Nets are currently in negotiations with the Charlotte Hornets and Denver Nuggets but nothing is set in stone.

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