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New middleweight star Alejandra Jimenez beats Franchon Crews-Dezurn in a slugfest

It was only fitting that some of the best fights of the weekend were by female boxers. On Friday night, Claressa Shields made history with her win against Ivana Habazin. Before that, Elin Cederroos went to war in a Fight of the Year candidate against Alicia-Napoleon-Espinosa. Following Saturday night’s card on DAZN, the women stole the show yet again. Alejandra Jimenez and Franchon Crews-Dezurn slugged it out in the co-main event.

With all eyes on them, Jimenez beat Crews-Dezurn via split decision (93-97, 97-93, 98-92) to become the new WBC and WBO Super Middleweight Champion.

Even with a little controversy involved (will get to that later), both women showed why they are the very best boxing has to offer. Jimenez (13-0-1), a former heavyweight fighter, slimmed down to conquer a new division. In her way was Crews-Dezurn (7-2), who while was relatively new as a pro, immediately made an impact. After all, she won the WBC Super Middleweight Championship in her fifth pro fight. While powerful, she still had a lot to learn. Although, her entrance showed she was made for the fight game.

With only two minutes a round to showcase what they can do, both started the fight off with a flurry of shots. Jimenez, used to being in a different division, was absorbing an abnormal amount of headshots by Franchon. She ended up delivering a few of her own that staggered the now former champion.

The fight wasn’t pretty, in fact, it was sloppy at points, but both women managed to land blow after blow that excited the crowd inside the Alamodome. Jimenez was more durable during the fight while Franchon was hiding her fatigue with power. It actually looked like Franchon was getting a second wind in the bout. Things got interesting when in the ninth round, Crews-Dezurn’s added hair (a weave if you will), was all over the place. Her corner pleaded her to take it off. While she protested for a bit, trainer Barry Hunter had the line of the night:

“Do you want the hair or do you want the title? Get that sh*t off her head!”

One has to wonder how Franchon was able to fight with that on to begin with…

Both finished the fight how they started: swinging away.

The judges gave the contest to Jimenez, even though Franchon led the night in all statistical categories. According to ComuBox, Franchon landed 197 of 548 punches (36%) while Jimenez landed 152 of 642 (24%). She also landed more power punches (179) compared to Jimenez’s 147.

As far as what is next for Jimenez, she wants the aforementioned Shields.

“We’re going to go for Claressa Shields at middleweight.”

On Friday, “T-Rex” became the fastest boxer, male or female, to win world titles in three weight classes in just ten fights. Shields responded, somewhat accepting but claiming it would not be an easy fight for Jimenez.

Shields has her eyes on an MMA bout with Amanda Nunes as well as other superfights within boxing. A Jimenez bout and win could help solidify her status as the best middleweight and fighter in boxing today.

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