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New York Knicks Dismiss David Fizdale

In a not so shocking twist of events, the New York Knicks have fired David Fizdale. Fizdale’s dismissal comes on the heels of a failing season, leading into this season’s slow start. After the team’s tenth loss, General Manager Scott Perry and team President Steve Mills came out to voice their frustration with the team. From that moment, the infrastructure for Fizdale’s termination was laid. Thus, this news has been long expected. The question is what impact this termination will have on the team

A Long Expected Decision

Fizdale’s failing have been noticeable. After his time with the Memphis Grizzlies, the Knicks picked up Fizdale for his reputation of developing young talent. However, that development was supposed to be coupled with winning, which Fizdale failed to do. After last season, the Knicks finished dead last, holding the lowest record in the league. This season wasn’t much different, as the Knicks are the second worst team in basketball, only slightly above the severely injured Golden State Warriors. Thus, Fizdale’s performance as a headcoach was far below par, and therefore his termination was warranted. However, the franchise has bigger problems then just the headcoach.

A History of poor of Choices

The sign of a poorly run organization is a high turnover rate, which is something the Knicks experience both on and off the court. In the last decade alone, the Knicks have had at least five different coaches, all of whom have been let go. It is almost a semiannual tradition for the Knicks to fire their coach, and that is because this front office has no idea what they are doing. Historically, since James Dolan took over as team owner, the team has only gone from bad to worse. In addition to signing voluminous contracts for older or injury prone players (i.e. Allen Houston and Amar’e Stoudemire) Dolan as scarred away all potential stars who want to play here. The last stars in this team’s rotation were Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis, both of whom the Knicks traded away. Additionally, both of whomare currently shining on other teams while the Knicks sink.

Dolan’s presence has severly hindered the team, but his front office has never put him check. In these last two seasons alone, instead of showing gumption to bring a star, Mills and Perry allowed Dolan to derail all negotiations with potential players. As a result, the roster is in complete disarray and without direction. Now, there is some word that if the team continues to fail, either Perry or Mills could be on the chopping block. However, the better answer might be to clear out everyone and completely start the franchise from scratch.

More changes on the Horizon?

With Fizdale gone, the Knicks will need a new coach. There are a number of candidates out there for the team to bring on. Yet, the front office should proceed with caution while they are still employed. The other shoe will drop soon, and poor performance may continue to be met with termination. The team’s many woes will need to be addressed by the interim coach, most of all the team’s lack of defensive prowess. To that end, a coach such as Tom Thibodeau or even Mark Jackson may be brought in to help amend the team’s failings. With no word yet on who the team will be considering, the door is wide open.

With all these changes on the horizon, one should ask will their be a change in cast. Aside from R.J. Barrett and maybe Julius Randle, the remainder of the team seems expendable. To that regard, per a new coach’s suggestion, the team may seriously consider making a few trades. With that season not even half way over yet, it may be a good option in order to revitalize the organization and their fans. To that end, such a move may be a wise decision, which the franchise has been rare to make thus far. However, with the way this season is going, if Mills and Perry want to keep their jobs, they should be considering every option.

In Conclusion

Obviously, a firing in this capacity  is never to be cheered or celebrated. However, as unfortunate as Fizdale’s firing was, it was inevitable. The team performed at an exceedingly poor level in his time as coach. The organization needs new direction and it starts with him. The way things are going for this team, though, the changes may not end with him. At this point, anyone from the front office to the players may be expendable. As the season continues to unravel out of control, fans will have to wait to see what happens next with this franchise.

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