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New York Knicks take out the Golden State Warriors in Overtime

The New York Knicks managed to grab a win on the road. The NBA’s two worst teams, the Knicks and the Golden State Warriors, fought in overtime on Wednesday. The Knicks stuck around in overtime, notching the victory that proved they are not the worst team in the league. Led by the great play of Marcus Morris, who had 36 points, the Knicks broke their losing streak. The win will stand as Mike Miller’s first as an NBA head coaching.

Morris Factor

Morris turned out to be the best player of the game. He saved the Knicks by sending the Warriors into the deep, who now have the worst record in the league (5-21). The Knicks (5-20) varied, but ultimately caught up in overtime. Coach Miller couldn’t help, but comment on Morris.

“This is a group of great characters, they are worthy,” said Miller. “Marcus led us through that game. . . Everyone knew we had to keep bringing him the ball.”

While Morris was the star of the game, he had some help from Julius Randle.

Randle with the Assist

The Knicks scored nine of the first 11 points of overtime, starting with a three from Randle. He finished with 24 points and 13 rebounds, taking care of business on the road.

“A victory is good,” Randle said. “You could have lost 10 in a row or win 10 in a row. A victory is always good and we hope to continue tasting it. We got stuck together. We could have folded.”

In Conclusion

The Knicks continue their journey on the West Coast to Sacramento on Friday. Keeping in mind the recent win, they hope to create a winning streak this time, starting with Sacramento. Fans will undoubtedly expect more wins in the future. For now, though, the victory is something the team could be proud of.

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