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New York Mets at .500 Mark, Continue to be Baseball’s Punchline

Jonathon Niese (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Jonathon Niese (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)


Mets fans were sold on 2015.

It was why they couldn’t make any moves in 2014.  It was the “next year” that we were told to “wait until”.

The old Brooklyn Dodgers battle cry, now famously belongs to the New York Mets.

‘Wait till next year!’ – and Mets fans are being told to wait again.

Not in so many words, but by the actions or more accurately the inactions of Sandy Alderson and Mets’ ownership who have hoodwinked the fans into believing they are broke.

Last time I checked, broke people don’t own baseball teams – they beg for loans, they default on mortgages, and scrounge for food.

But, the so-called broke Wilpons refuse to part ways with a huge asset; the New York Mets.

I guess somehow they can  scrap some spare change together to pay the players, managers and coaches.

Terry Collins has been left woefully shorthanded.

Having to trot out players like Johnny Monell, Eric Campbell, Ruben Tejada and Wilmer Flores everyday and suffering though mega slumps without the possibility of parole in the case of Lucas Duda the Mets continue to not score.

They waste pitching performance after performance as the team that once won 11 straight games and sat atop the NL east now sit in second surging toward third, and at average, mediocre, .500.

The excuses are there.

David Wright is injured, Murphy missed a lot of games, d’Arnaud has found the DL twice, Wheeler was hurt going into the season, Cuddyer is underachieving and now injured and on and on and on.

However, it is the lack of depth that is killing this team.

It is always “hopefully” when it comes to the New York Mets – never definitely.

Except when it came to promises.

2015 – that will be here.

Well 2015 is here, and once again, it isn’t the year.

Sandy Alderson sits on his hands – once again.

All the while, he will tell you why he is absolutely right and the fans and media are absolutely wrong and living in “panic city”.

You’re right Sandy, .170 hitters and a .500 record is very acceptable with the best rotation in baseball.

That rotation is going to waste and yes, there is no guarantee that these guys will ever pitch this way again.

Banking your future on pitching is folly in oh so many ways.

You think the Detroit Tigers thought Justin Verlander would be an albatross in 2015 at age 32?

Johan Santana went from baseball’s best pitcher to out of a job in 2 years in front of our eyes.

And, do we really think the Mets can keep this staff in place for the long haul?

The New York Mets – constantly waiting for a future that never comes.



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