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NFL enters intensive protocol amid the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country and organization

The NFL has entered intensive COVID-19 protocol starting Sunday.

With the rise of cases throughout the country, the NFL announced that on Sunday all teams (32) will operate under the leagues intensive protocol for the remainder of the season, per the NFL.

All players and coaches must test negative before entering any facility, all meetings will be held virtually unless it’s held outside or with a pre-approved plan, face masks must be worn during all team meetings (players, coaches and personnel), practice field included. All food must be grab and go and locker room usage is highly discouraged on non-game days.

The protocol prohibits players from gatherings away from the facility. This is important with Thanksgiving being next week.

Initially, the intensive protocol was reserved for teams that had positive tests or had been exposed to a carrier.

Twenty-eight teams have been in intensive protocol during this season, the protocol has helped eliminate a widespread outbreak among teams and players. Teams that were in the intensive protocol had more than 50% reduction in close contact compared to teams who weren’t, according to the NFL. The protocol limits close contact amongst players throughout the facility. Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner,  said the changes to the protocol is necessary to continue the season.

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