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Peter Snyder’s 2020 Mock Draft 2.0


While it may seem as if the world is taking a collective hiatus, one thing that we as a nation can be certain of is that the 2020 NFL Draft will be taking place as scheduled, on April 23-25. This year’s draft may be done by virtue of a massive video chat or a minuscule gathering, but the event of a draft will take part never the less.

With this certainty being given to us, I present to you, in preparation for one of the most unpredictable drafts of all time, Pete Snyder’s Mock Draft 2.0.

1. Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow – QB, LSU


Throughout this entire pandemic, there have been rumors that the Bengals may be trading their coveted first overall pick. And I am here to tell you that it is all BS. The Bengals aren’t going anywhere. Joe Burrow is too special of a talent to pass up on.

Coming off the cuffs of the most impressive season in college football history, the Bengals would be incoherent to let a guy like Burrow slip through their fingers. Joe Burrow is so good in fact, that he had the luxury of going to the combine in a fancy jacket and did not have to throw a single pass.

The decision to not participate in the combine was not because he was hurt, or because he was being cautious, but rather, due to the fact that he knows he is the best player in the entire draft and nobody else comes close to him.

2. Washington Redskins: Chase Young – DE, Ohio State


Not much has changed since we last talked about Chase Young. Like Burrow, Young decided not to participate at the NFL Combine as he wants to make sure he is “Football Ready” when the season starts. 

As I continue to break down Young’s film in Colombus, I am becoming more and more sure that the Redskins are the perfect landing spot for this Maryland Native. 

For starters, the Redskins need a pass rusher like a baby needs its binky. Last season, Redskins DL, Matt Ioannidis led the team in sacks with 8.5. This mark ranks 27th best in football which newsflash, isn’t that great. Young is a type of player who is going to instantly make an impact and will provide the help that the Redskins defense desperately needs. 

Also, if Young were to be drafted by the Redskins, he would get to play for his home team which usually gives a player an added incentive to perform. Young would also become reunited with former buckeye teammate, Dwayne Haskins, who is also from the state of Maryland. Match made in heaven if you ask me. 

3. Miami Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama (Via Lions; Draft Night Trade)


(Excerpt from Mock Draft 1.0)

{When discussing the NFL draft, Leverage can be a powerful thing. Essentially, the Lions find themselves in a perfect spot with the #3 pick. They don’t really need a QB, but they can threaten to draft Tua, unless the Lions step in and offer them some picks to move up in the pecking order. If that happens, Tua is heading to Miami in hopes to become the next bright star in South Beach.

If I’m being honest, I really like Miami as a landing spot for Tagovailoa. I feel that he will fit nicely in Brian Flores’s system and the combination of Tua and DeVante Parker could be absolutely ludicrous.}

Now, of course, Tagovailoa is coming off a severe hip injury which left him sidelined for the remainder of his decorated colligate career. However, it seems as if the Hawaiin native is recovering quicker than initially expected. There have been videos surfacing of Tua throwing with comfort and all indications are leaning towards a midway point of the season for Tagovailoa return.

Whenever Tagovailoa does make his return to the gridiron, I can assure you, that the people of South Beach will be ready to welcome him with open arms.  

4. New York Giants: Isaiah Simmons – OLB, Clemson


In my initial mock draft, I had the Giants landing Louisville OT, Mekki Becton with the 4th overall pick. However, after seeing Isaiah Simmons put on an absolute clinic at this years combine, I feel as if the Giants choice has already been made.

Simmons, a 6’4 linebacker from Omaha Nebraska, went to Indianapolis as a man on a mission.  Not only did the Clemson linebacker secure the most impressive 40 time at this years combine, running a 4.39, but also cemented his place as the drafts most dominant prospect.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Isaiah Simmons is my favorite pick in this years draft. When I watched him play at Clemson last year, the explosiveness I saw was something only comparable to the players you would create in Madden growing up as a kid. A guy of Simmons stature is not supposed to be as fast as he is. It almost defies the laws of physics.

I can not wait to see what this mountain, yet jaguar of a man does on Sundays this fall.

5. Detroit Lions: Jeff Okudah –  CB, Ohio State (Via the Dolphins; Draft Night Trade)


On March 19, 2020, Pro Bowl CB, Darius Slay had been traded from the Detroit Lions to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for draft picks. This move was a surprise to absolutely nobody, as rumors had been swirling around that Slay had wanted out of Detroit for quite some time.

However, the one positive that will come out of this trade for Detroit is that they are now a virtual lock to draft Jeff Okudah.  Now, this is not to say that they weren’t a lock before, as they did have the 3rd overall pick to begin with, but they can now shift their primary attention and focus towards their new shiny toy and will be able to pay Okudah the big bucks he deserves.

When talking about the sheer talent that is Jeff Okudah, you must first discuss how well the Texas native makes plays in open space. If you watch Okudah’s film at Ohio State,  the thing that is most likely going to jump out to you is his innate ability to sniff out a screen and blow it up for a loss of yards. A corner who can make a tackle in open space is a valuable commodity in the NFL and the Lions will be getting their hands on a special talent.

6. Los Angeles Chargers: Mekhi Becton – OT, Louisville


Going against the grain, I do not have the Chargers taking a QB with their first-round selection. Instead, I feel as if they will acquire newly established free agent, Cam Newton. If this were to happen, the Chargers would need to draft a linemen with this pick to protect an already injury-prone Newton.

The Chargers offensive line was anything but solid a season ago. Philip Rivers got put on his ass way too much and was stuck scrambling out of the pocket much more than he was comfortable with.

Becton, who is a 6’7, 364 pound freak of nature, will provide a sense of comfort to whoever the Chargers QB may become for the 2020 season.

Becton is the best OT in this draft and I think he could be playing in the pro bowl as soon as this February. (Quenton Nelson was the last rookie OT to make the pro bowl during his rookie year when he did it in 2019.)

7. Carolina Panthers: Andrew Thomas – OT, Georgia


Out of all the teams who made moves this offseason, I think it is safe to say that the Carolina Panthers made the biggest splash. With the hirings of head coach Matt Rhule and offensive coordinator Joe Brady, to go along with the acquisitions of QB, Teddy Bridgewater and WR, Robby Anderson, the Panthers are sure to experience newfound success.

Adding to their new and improved squad, I have the Panthers selecting offensive tackle, Andrew Thomas, with the 7th overall pick. Thomas, who was an absolute unit at the University of Georgia for the last three seasons, is a guy who is not going to allow his QB to get hit very often. If you ever listen to Jake Fromm, who was the starting QB at Georgia from 2017-2019, talk to the media, he constantly praises the protection that his offensive line gave to him during his time in Athens. Thomas was the leader of that O-Line and I expect him to carry those leadership qualities with him to the NFL.

8. Arizona Cardinals: Tristan Wirfs – OT, Iowa


When we last talked about Tristan Wirfs, I told you guys that whatever team ended up drafting him was going to have the luxury to open up their screen game tremendously. Since that point, Wirfs ran a 4.85,40 at the combine and showed the entire world why he is deserving of being drafted in the top 10.

I feel as if Wirfs is the perfect fit for Arizona as they are a team who likes to play fast. Kliff Kingsbury, who is entering his second year as the head coach of the Cardinals,  runs an up-tempo, college-style offense. Also, the Cardinals starting QB, Kyler Murray is the type of player who does not shy away from scrambling out of the pocket to rush for positive yards. If you have an athletic lineman who can run down the field and block with ease, as well as keep up with a fast-paced tempo, you will be in great shape to have a dangerous offense.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars: Javon Kinlaw – DL, South Carolina


In my initial mock draft, I had the Jaguars taking LSU CB, Kristian Fulton with the 9th overall pick. But then two things happened. One, Fulton looked seemingly off during various workouts, causing his draft stock to drop and two, the Javon Kinlaw show took over.

Javon Kinlaw is a guy who I originally thought would be drafted in the middle, to later parts of the first round. However, the more and more I watch of this guy, the more and more I fall in love. For starters, there is no shying away from the fact that Kinlaw is an absolute monster when it comes to shedding away wimpy tacklers in route to the quarterback. If you aren’t going to bring your absolute all, Kinlaw is going to blow up your spot and make you look like a JV bench player.

Kinlaw also has an innate ability to clog the running lane before it ever has a chance to fully develop. A good inside defensive pressure creates hell inside the trenches and for all intents and purposes, Kinlaw is the devil when it comes to that.

10. Cleveland Browns: Jedrick Wills Jr. – OT, Alabama


Excerpt from Mock 1.0, all holds true

{Jedrick Wills Jr., a 20-year-old from Lexington Kentucky, has not had an easy route to the NFL draft. During his first two years at Tuscaloosa, Wills struggled to keep DL from getting to the QB and was considered an average O lineman at best. But then something crazy happened. Wills worked his ass off during the offseason and came into summer camps looking like a new man. During his Junior year at Alabama, Wills was a dominating tackle who shot up the draft board every time he stepped on the field. He was so dominating in fact, that he only allowed 4 QB pressures during the final 6 games of the season. That is almost impossible to do in the SEC.

11. Philadelphia Eagles – Jerry Jeudy – WR, Alabama (Via the Jets; Draft Night Trade)


Lets now enter the drama portion of our 2020 NFL draft. If there is anyone on the face of this earth who needs help at the wideout position, it is the Philadelphia Eagles. By seasons end last year, the Birds found themself relying on a WR who had played QB in college and was a journeyman in the AAF just a few years ago.

Now yes, the Eagles are going to get healthy at the wideout position once the regular season begins. But who is to say that Desean Jackson has anything left in the tank or that JJ Arcega-Whiteside won’t continue to be a letdown. The Birds need to be aggressive on draft night in order to land the best WR in this years draft class, Jerry Jeudy. If this means that they have to throw the bag and then some at the Jets to do it, then so be it. Talent ain’t free.

12.  Las Vegas Raiders: Jaylon Johnson – CB, Utah


When looking at other mocks around the web, it seems as if the consensus pick here is CJ Henderson out of Florida. The Raiders need a defensive back desperately and Henderson is ranked as the number 2 CB prospect amongst most media outlets.

But ya know what? I’m gonna go against the grain here because sometimes it’s better to be a leader than a follower. Jaylon Johnson is a five-tool Cornerback. He is fast, explosive, can move laterally well and knows how to go up and grab a ball when need be.

The Raiders could very well be safe here and take Henderson with the 12th overall pick. However, as the Raiders now reside in Las Vegas, the Fresno native may just be worth gambling on.

13. San Francisco 49ers: CeeDee Lamb – WR, Oklahoma


After trading defensive tackle, DeForest Buckner to the Colts in exchange for the 13th overall pick, the Niners find themselves in a prime position to draft an explosive, offensive weapon. And who better to fill that role then Oklahoma superstar, CeeDee Lamb.

CeeDee Lamb is not the most talented WR in this years draft class. But he is the most exciting to watch. If you guys watch college football as much as I do, you would know that CeeDee, the TD making machine, is a human highlight reel. There were multiple instances this year in which I found myself picking my jaw up from the floor, as Lambs brilliance had left me speechless.

It goes without saying that the Niners offensive is already pretty freaking good. George Kittle is arguably the best TE in the league, Deebo Samuel is a star in the making, and Jimmy Garoppolo is the glue that pieces it all together. If the Niners are able to bring in another explosive key to their cog in Lamb, the league better be put on notice as these boys from the West Coast will be an absolute force to be reckoned with.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Jones – OT, Houston


If any city should partying during these tough times, it is the city of Tampa. In what will go down as one of the most memorable free agents signings of all time, Tom Brady is now a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

Brady, who is a 42-year-old, 6 times super bowl champion, is going to need an immense amount of protection. One thing that the Patriots did so well during the Brady era, was that they protected their most valuable asset. Brady rarely got sacked during his time in New England, which is much in part to the fact that the Pats always had a strong offensive line.

Knowing this, the Buccaneers must draft a high profile OT with their first-round selection. Consider it like this; Brady is like an expensive diamond that is displayed in a museum and the OT is the display case. In my opinion, the guy who is going to have the greatest chance to protect Brady is the big offensive tackle out of Houston, Josh Jones.

Jones, who measures in at 6’5, 319 pounds, is an absolute brick wall. If you study his film, however, you will see that Jones did not have the greatest start to his collegiate career.  He allowed defensive pass rushers to get by with ease and looked very flimsy in the process. But as time went on, Jones became stronger and more athletic and by his Senior year, he was an immovable force. I think this is a great pick for the Bucs and feel as if Jones and Brady will build quite the friendship.

15. Denver Broncos: Henry Ruggs III – WR, Alabama


There are people who are quick, there are people who are fast, and then there is Henry Ruggs III. When Ruggs stepped foot in Indianapolis for this years combine, rumors began circulating that he was going to shatter the 40-yard dash record, which was previously set by John Ross who ran a 4.22 in 2017. Although Ruggs failed to break the record, running a 4.27, he made sure to make quite the impression during his time in Indy.

One thing I love about Henry Ruggs III, is his ability to create space when running certain routes. For example, if a receiver runs a curl route, 99.9 per cent of the time, they are going to get tackled as soon as the ball enters there hands. The route is not meant to gain substantial yards, but rather move the sticks. With Ruggs however, due to his incredible speed, he has the ability to create enough space in which he can catch the ball, turn, and make a move upfield for a positive gain.

Ruggs is a special talent and the Broncos would be foolish to pass up on a speedster like him.

16. Atlanta Falcons: Derrick Brown – DT, Auburn


Barring the unforeseen, Falcons defensive forces Vic Beasley Jr. and Adrian Clayborn will not be returning to the team during the upcoming season. Knowing this, the Falcons are going to desperately need some help on the defensive side of the ball.

To fill the holes that Beasley Jr. and Clayborn are going to leave behind, I have the Falcons selecting Derrick Brown with their first-round pick. Brown, a 21-year-old from Sugar Hill, Georgia, is an absolute run-stopping, interior shredding machine. Last season, during Browns senior season at Auburn, the 317-pound defensive tackle was able to register 55 tackles to go along with 4 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. In my eyes, Brown is one of the more underrated prospects in this years draft class and think the Falcons could be landing a star in the making.

17. Dallas Cowboys: Tee Higgins – WR, Clemson


Excerpt from Mock 1.0

{Saturday, December 7, 2020. The Clemson Tigers are once again playing in the ACC championship game and are looking to win their 5th straight conference title. As the game progressed, Tiger WR, Tee Higgins caught fire, catching seemingly everything in his path. By nights end, Clemson had seeled the ACC title and Higgins had himself a 9 catch, 182, yard, 3 TD performance.

Higgins a 6’4 wideout from Tennesse, is a guy who is going to be a matchup nightmare for DB’s in the NFL. His length allows him to extend over shorter cornerbacks and his speed allows him to generate separation. I can see Higgins having a professional career comparable to the great, Calvin Johnson.}
Although the Cowboys already have a pretty talented WR core as is, the acquisition of Higgins can only help heighten the Boys clout.

18. Miami Dolphins: CJ Henderson – CB, Florida


If this pick isn’t a match made in heaven, then I don’t know what is. For starters, Henderson was born in Miami Florida. If the defensive back were to get drafted bt the Dolphins, he would get the luxury of playing ball in his own backyard. Secondly, Henderson played his college ball at the University of Florida where he shined under the bright lights of the sunshine state. CJ Henderson is a Florida boy through and through and is not ready to go anywhere, anytime soon.

PS. Along with being a Miami native, Henderson is a phenomenal CB who has the potential to be a multi pro bowl calibre defensive back.

19. Las Vegas Raiders: Justin Jefferson – WR, LSU


On December 28th, 2019, during the CFP playoff semi-final, Justin Jefferson had a day for the ages. 14 receptions, 227 yards, 4 TDs. Video Game like numbers.

By the end of his junior campaign in Baton Rouge, Jefferson had accounted for 1,540 receiving yards to go along with 18 TD receptions, both of which ranked in the upper echelon, nationally.

Justin Jefferson is not the most talented WR prospect coming into this year’s draft. He is not the fastest or even the most athletic. But when Jefferson gets into a rhythm, he has the potential to be one of the most potent, dynamic talents the league has seen in quite some time.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars: Austin Jackson – OT, USC


In my first mock draft, Austin Jackson didn’t make the cut. And to be frank, he didn’t even come close to being on my radar. But as time went on and I continued to break down his film, I started to realize that he is too special of a talent to let slip past the first round.

When talking about Jackson, you much first acknowledge how big of a unit he is. At. 6’6, Jackson is going to be a very hard guy to move around. He is also very quick for his size and can move laterally  with the best of him. Is Jackson going to be a star in this league? I don’t think so. But he will be a reliable tackle for whatever team ends up drafting him.

21. New York Jets: Kristian Fulton – CB, LSU

(Via the Eagles; Draft Night Trade)


In my first mock, I had Kristian Fulton going to the Jaguars with the 9th overall pick. I really liked his shut down nature at LSU and felt as if he had the potential to be an elite defensive back at the professional level. But after an anything but impressive combine in Indianapolis, my opinion has slightly shifted.

While I do feel that Fulton is still a hell of a talent, I do not think he is as desirable as he was pre-combine. If you watch his combine highlights, something just looked a tad off. He looked one step slow. I may be wrong with this observation, however, and this could be the steal of the draft.

22. Minnesota Vikings: Denzel Mims – WR, Baylor


With the recent trade that sent star WR, Stefon Diggs packing out of Minnesota, the Vikings have been left with a gaping hole at the WR position. Fear not however, as I have the Vikings taking one of my favorite sleepers in this years draft, Denzel Mims.

Mims, who is a 6’3 wideout from  Daingerfield, TX, is a guy who I loved to watch play in Waco during the last few years. During his time at Baylor, Mims was able to rack up 2,925 receiving yards, 186 receptions and 28 receiving TDs.

One thing that really stands out to me when I watch Mims play, is how he has the natural ability to go and grab the ball over a weaker defender who is in coverage. An aggressive receiver can open up an offensive scheme as well as help a QB trust his deep ball more. The Vikings are going to undoubtedly miss the production that Diggs provided on a game to game basis, but Mims will hopefully provide a reminder that there are other talents out there too who are ready to ball.

23. New England Patriots: Justin Herbert – QB, Oregon


Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you are aware that Tom Brady is no longer a Patriot. As tough as it may be to hear Pats nation, it is time to move on and start the next chapter of your decorated dynasty.

Chapter 1: ACT II; Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert is not the most talented QB in this years draft class, With that being said, I do believe that he is the most seasoned. During his five years in Eugine, Herbert was able to build up quite the decorated resume, throwing for a total of 10,541 passing yards, distributing 95 TD passes and hurling just 23 INTs during his intercollegiate career. Herbert was also able to win 2 bowl games during his time with the Ducks which included a Rose Bowl victory this past year.

Justin Herbert is your prototypical pocket passer. He is tall, has great arm strength, good vision and is not afraid to step into a throw, even if it means taking a lick in the process.

This is a really smart pick for the Pats and although it may take some time and might include a substantial amount of growing pains, Herbert may just be the guy to headline this new chapter.

24.  New Orleans Saints: Trevon Diggs – CB, Alabama


After getting embarrassed at home last year by the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs, it became apparent that the New Orleans Saints need help on the defensive side of the ball. We all know how explosive the Saints can be on offense, but if you can’t generate stops on defense, you have no true chance of succeeding at the professional level.

In terms of the value of this pick, I feel that Diggs could really help out a faulty New Orleans secondary. During his senior year at Tuscaloosa, Diggs allowed opponents to squander just 13 catches for 176 yards. Those are lockdown numbers.

25. Minnesota Vikings: A.J. Epenesa – Edge, Iowa


Excerpt From Mock 1.0

Coming into the fall of 2019, A.J. Epenesa was the talk of the Big Ten. The 6′ 6″, 280 lbs edge rusher from Illinois was fresh off a sophomore campaign in which he lead the Big Ten in total sacks.

As his Junior season began, Epenesa looked as if he was missing a step, struggling to get to opposing QBs like he did with ease a year ago. The edge rusher looked so flat in fact, that it looked as if Epenesa could potentially fall out of the first round completely. But thanks to a 7 sack performance in his final 4 games of the season, Epenesa was able to place himself back in the first round.

I am actually a fan of the Minnesota Vikings defense. I think they fly around the field and have the ability to take over certain games. However, if they were to add an edge dominant threat like Epenesa to their defense, they would have a chance to go from good, to great, to maybe even elite.

26. Miami Dolphins: D’Andre Swift – RB, Georgia


At the beginning of this past college football season, I made an observation that stated D’Andre Swift was the most talented and dominant back in the entire country. After a 1,218 yard, 7 rushing TD Junior campaign, Swift may very well have backed up that claim.

Swift, who is a native of the great city of Philadelphia, is an absolute worm burner. His ability to cut on a dime and run downhill is comparable to likes of Saquon and Zeke. When the Dolphins got rid of Kenyan Drake at the middle of last season, I knew they were going to have to draft a back in the first round. Swift fills their needs in more ways than one and I can’t wait to see this star perform on Sundays in the near future.

 27. Seattle Seahawks: K’Lavon Chaisson – Edge, LSU

Excerpt from Mock 1.0

{Last season, Seattle’s defense went through one of their worst seasons in recent memory. The legion of boom is so far removed from the Seahawks, that it is hard to remember that they ever existed. Knowing this, Seattle needs to move on completely and draft players to become part of LOB 2.0.

K’Lavon Chaisson is not the most athletic edge rusher in this year’s draft. But what he lacks in athleticism, he makes up with in speed and physicality. During his sophomore year with the Tigers, Chaisson was able to register 6.5 sacks to go along with 60 tackles and one forced fumble. The 6′ 4″, 250 lbs edge rusher from Texas is one of the more underrated players in this draft and could be a late first-round steal.}

28. Baltimore Ravens: Patrick Queen – LB, LSU


Excerpt from Mock 1.0

As the great Freddy Mercury once sang, “She’s a Killer Queen, Gunpowder, gelatine
Dynamite with a laser beam Guaranteed to blow your mind Anytime.” These are the lyrics that can be described when talking about the 6’1 LB from Ventress, Louisiana.

29. Tennessee Titans: Isaiah Wilson – OT, Georgia

When you watch the Tennesse Titans play, one thing that quickly becomes apparent is that they hold defenders way too much.  And this is a major problem, as it slows down and hampers one of the league’s best rushers in Derrick Henry.

In attempts to fix this holding problem, I have The Titans selecting Isaiah Thomas with the 29th overall pick. Thomas, who is a 6’7, 340-pound giant, is a guy who is going to step in and immediately open massive holes for a teams running game. The one problem that people see in Wilson’s game, however, is that he moves quite slow for a lineman, and may have trouble getting out to block screens.

30. Green Bay Packers: Laviska Shenault Jr. – WR, Colorado


The Green Bay Packers are a team that is coming into 2020 with a lost identity of sorts. While the Packers finished last season with a 13-3 record, many spectators were quick to call them frauds, as they were eliminated in embarrassing fashion by the 49ers in the NFC Divisional round. If the Packers want to be considered as legitimate contenders come next year, I feel as if they are going to have to add more offensive weapons, starting with Laviska Shenault.

What I like about Laviska Shenault Jr is that he is both tall and quick, which is a rare mix at the wideout position in the NFL. Usually, you are going to see two types of receivers at the professional level. The burners who line up in the slot and the tall boys who can go up and win 50 50 balls, but struggle to create much space. With Shenault Jr. however, he gets to experience the best of both worlds, as he has the ability to turn and burn, and go up and snag it at 6’1.

31. San Francisco 49ers: Bryce Hall – CB, Virginia


As the Niners are already host to Richard Sherman, who is one of the premier corners in the NFL, this pick may come as a surprise to some. However, if San Fran had one weakness on their defense last season, it was that their exterior defending on the opposite side of Sherman was weak.

Bryce Hall is not the sexiest pick of all time. His number at the combine are not going to wow anyone and his production seen through film may be relatively small.  But the Harrisburg native has a grit and toughness to him that can not be measured. If you want a guy that is going to go up and put his body on the line during a 4th and goal situation, Hall is the man you want to call.

32. Kansas City Chiefs: Zack Baun – Edge, Wisconsin


Zack Baun is your typical Wisconsin man. Big, physical and a cynosure of cheese. One thing that Baun can immediately help the Chiefs with in 2020 is defensive pressure. In 2019, Baun recorded 12.5 sacks for the Badgers, compiled 76 tackles, forced 2 fumbles and even came down with an INT.

Baun is the type of player who can both bring pressure on the edge, but also drop back in coverage and defend as an OLB. This is a win-win situation for the Chiefs and I don’t see them passing up on this opportunity.


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Peter Snyder is an Intern sportswriter who covers collegiate athletics as well as professional sports.
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