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PLAYMOBIL NHL Provides Endless Fun For Hockey Fans of All Ages



It’s holiday season and many of us have begun, or will begin soon, shopping for gifts to give our loved ones. The question of what to get a sports fan seems to come up every year. Sure, you can gift someone a bat, glove, or event a hat or jersey. But, what about something for the hockey fan in your life? It’s not as easy for them to use a hockey stick any time they want.

PLAYMOBIL NHL has the answer you may be looking for. Just in time for the start of the NHL season, PLAYMOBIL offers a full line of NHL products for young fans…and those who are young at heart!

untitledIs your youngster a fan of the New York Rangers or New York Islanders? Maybe he roots for the New Jersey Devils or Philadelphia Flyers? The team doesn’t matter, PLAYMOBIL has plenty of options.
Start, for example, with the PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Arena. What better way to simulate a hockey game that have your own replica ice rink. The set includes four NHL players and logo decals for all 30 NHL teams. It’s an awesome way to start!
Customization options continue as PLAYMOBIL NHL consists of small add-on sets available for purchase. You can find a player and goalie set (available in 18 teams), an NHL Rivalry Set where you can face off in an epic rivalry (for example the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers), a PLAYMOBIL NHL Score Clock and Refs set, a Zamboni Machine for those between period ice cleanings, and a Stanley Cup Presentation set so you can award your champions the coveted trophy.
The best part about it, you don’t even have to be a diehard hockey fan to enjoy playing with the PLAYMOBIL NHL sets. It’s countless hours of fun.
You can purchase the PLAYMOBIL NHL line here or see the entire PLAYMOBIL collection on They are also available at mass retailers like Toys R Us, Target and Walmart.

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