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Sydney Cummings Workouts Motivate and Inspire

This week I tried Sydney Cummings’ YouTube workouts. Her channel contains dozens of energetic, inspiring videos for just about any type of workout you’re looking for–high/low impact, high intensity intervals, core, and targeted muscles. 

Sydney’s journey to becoming a personal trainer is inspiring. A former non-profit worker and nursing student from West Virginia, she decided to take a chance move to Charlotte, NC after graduating college to begin a career as a personal trainer. Eventually, she started Royal Fit, her own personal training business, and increased her social media presence. 

I was looking for a total body workout that I could do in my living room with limited equipment and space, so I tried 45 Minute Fully Body HIIT Circuit. I’d recommend it for all ability and experience levels because it’s easy to modify or intensify. 


Sydney Cummings’ HIIT Workout:

For the workout, I used mostly 10-pound weights. Sydney used a range of 10-30 pounds. You can go higher or lower, or just use your body weight. 

The workout consisted of five circuit rounds of four moves each. Each round rotated a lower body move, upper body, core, and cardio. The workout was exactly what I was looking for because I was in the mood to mix strength training and cardio. 

Lower body movements included squats with weights, curtsy lunges, and alternating dead lifts.

Upper body moves included hammer curls, shoulder raises, and overhead presses.

Core moves consisted of standing crunches, reverse crunches with sit-ups, and side crunches.

You choose your own cardio moves. Sydney jumped rope, but demonstrated other options for anyone who lacked the space for that. 

Sydney’s YouTube channel posts daily videos to get you moving and inspired. Follow her on Instagram @sydneycummings_

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Elizabeth DiPietro

Liz DiPietro has been a staff writer for In The Zone since 2011. She is a New York City public school teacher working at a middle school in Brooklyn, NY. Liz has a Master's of Creative Writing from Queens College and a Master's of Special Education from the College of Staten Island. She is a diehard Yankees, Knicks, and Jets fan and exercise enthusiast. Liz lives in Staten Island, NY with her husband Dave and 2-year-old son Christopher.

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