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UFC 189: It’s The McGregor Division, Make No Mistake About It

UFC 189 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on July 11th should go down as a special night for the ever growing Ultimate Fighting Championship.

(Via Fox Sports)

(Via Fox Sports)


UFC President Dana White smiled often at the raucous crowd that made themselves felt throughout the press conference in the Beacon Theater which was part of the UFC 189 World Championship Tour promoting the Jose Aldo-Conor McGregor match which will be contested for the UFC Featherweight Championship.  The Irish contingent was in full voice taunting Aldo throughout the proceedings and cheering McGregor,  who helped keep the fires stoked with power quotes of great bombast.

The champion, Jose Aldo (25-1) seemed impervious to the mostly pro-McGregor audience. The man who held the Featherweight title in the WEC promotion, along with a World championship in Jiu-jitsu and a black belt in that art, was awarded the UFC Championship upon his arrival. He proceeded to defend it seven times successfully.

“This is my job, this is what I do,” Aldo proclaimed. “I’m ready for anything.”

But there is a man from Dublin, Ireland, who strongly disagrees. In fact, he even pointed to Aldo’s claim to being the champion. At 17-2 with 15 KO’s, Conor McGregor dubbed “The Notorious” has run roughshod over the Featherweight Division after holding the 145 and 155 lb titles in Cage Warriors Promotion.

“How many more people do I have to kill, enough is enough,” Conor proclaimed. “Save the rest of the roster and I take his belt.”

The southpaw claimed he was not impressed by the champion.

“He was handed the belt upon coming from the WEC. He is a decision machine,” Conor said. “Before I came along he was called main events to the Bantamweights. Now Featherweights are headlining cards. If I leave the featherweights, go back to the prelims.”

Conor seems to enjoy the circus atmosphere at press conferences, something he admits he didn’t start out as liking. He has adjusted however.

“It’s part of the business, its something you must fall in love with. I see it as a seperate discipline, there’s boxing, wrestling, ji-jitsu, but there’s also media obligations,” Conor shared. “Fighters can be broke on it. It can drain them, lose the fight before they even begin. I’m become comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Aldo remained unmoved, adding, “Everything he says is pretty strange to me. I’m pretty professional. I let him do what he does. When the fight comes, I’m going to win.”

The question of strategy was never really answered by either. Aldo exclaimed, “He is just another opponent.  I’m going to prepare, go hard, and still leave the ring as champion.” Conor responded simply, “Why fix something that is absolutely perfect.”

The UFC Welterweight title will feature a rematch between champion “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler and challenger Rory MacDonald. Robbie pretty much knows what kind of athlete he is facing.

“I’m not concentrating too much on Rory, but on what I do,” said Lawler.

Rory feels it was his outlook that needed adjustment  and a healthy disposition that will make the difference.

“I think it was more my mental attitude,” Rory explained. “Most of my losses were about identifying weaknesses. I’m thankful for all the experience I’ve had.”

Dana White, UFC President, was pleased with his main eventers during this ten city tour.

“Jose and Conor have both been rock stars,” he exclaimed.

Coming off the best quarter the UFC has ever experienced, the numbers say that this featherweight fight will be the biggest.

“You have Aldo, undefeated since 2005, whats he has accomplished and what Conor has accomplished in a short time, its going to make for a big fight,” White explained regarding the main event. “This will be a seven million gate. It’s the biggest fight in Featherweight history.”

UFC 189 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on July 11th should go down as a special night for the ever growing Ultimate  Fighting Championship.

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