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UFC 202: Conor McGregor evens the score against Nate Diaz. Bring on the trilogy!

It goes without saying that when two fighters don’t like one another, they will do everything in their power to put on a show. This past Saturday at UFC 202, two generals walked into the battlefield and went to war against one another. Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor took each other to the limit. After a back and forth five-round affair, it was McGregor who got his hand raised after a majority score of 48-47, 47-47, 48-47.

With enough time to prepare compared to their last fight at UFC 196, it was obvious from the get-go that McGregor and Diaz hated one another. You can see it throughout the week: From their scene at the pre-fight press conference, to the tension from the weigh-ins, all the way to the added security put inside the octagon before the fight even started. The end result? One of the best fights in UFC history (maybe MMA history).


A surprising thing about this bout was the durability of the fighters, specifically McGregor. You could clearly see how tired he was getting, a possible result of the added weight. This was also one of the first times “The Notorious One” went past the third/fourth round in his career. I questioned McGregor’s toughness before the fight and I’m actually glad he proved me wrong.

On the other side, Nate Diaz is an animal. McGregor might have had the advantage in the first two rounds, but Diaz was able to put the pedal to the medal and held his own and then some in the later rounds. With a big cut around his eye, Diaz fought toe to toe with McGregor. It was great seeing him taunting the Irish fighter with his usual mannerisms (including flashing “the bird” towards the end). One might wonder if the fight would have been different if not for a huge cut around Diaz’s eye.

In the end McGregor won and the two embraced, sharing a moment that nobody expected. The end also gave fans something to look forward to. What’s next after a war like that? The rematch of the rematch is expected, but how long will we have to wait?


According to MMA Fighting, Dana White stated that there won’t be a third fight (immediately at least). To be honest that might be for the best. Something needs to be done about the Featherweight Title. McGregor won the title back in December and has had zero defenses so far. Jose Aldo (interim champion), Frankie Edgar and Max Holloway deserve a title opportunity, and now may be the time. McGregor did come up with an interesting opportunity. He demanded the next fight with Diaz be at 155, with the possibility of the belt being on the line.

McGregor’s request would be very interesting, as another incentive would be on the line besides bragging rights (let’s just pretend the rules regarding weight didn’t apply). I don’t see that happening because of several internal and external factors. We will obviously have to wait to see what happens.

My elementary school teacher taught me that patience is a virtue. If we have to wait for McGregor/Diaz III then so be it. When it happens, it will be worth it. These two are on pace to become legends within the industry. The sequel was as perfect as it can get, and while there were a lot of controversial moments before the fight, the UFC once again benefited from these two fighters.

The countdown is on: Brace yourselves, the trilogy is coming!

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