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UFC 203: CM Punk and Mickey Gall Conference Call

At 4pm today, the UFC held a conference call between former WWE star CM Punk and Mickey Gall. Both fighters answered a few questions before their upcoming bout against one another at UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio. I had the honor of listening in on the call. While I wasn’t able to ask any questions, I listened intently on what these fighters said before their highly anticipated bout.

You can check out the video below regarding all that went down for the close to an hour call.


Highlights from the call include:

CM Punk

  • There is no need to create some drama between him and Mickey, they are both here to fight.
  • Punk discussed how his mindset heading to the fight is his biggest tool. All of the criticism has been premature and he stated that you can’t listen to it.
  • To fans out there: Do what you want to do in life, and don’t let others tell you that you can’t. Life’s too short to play that game.
  • Success is defined by the individual.
  • Comparing WWE lifestyle to UFC lifestyle: It’s like comparing apples to turnips. In WWE, there’s traveling, different time zones, interviews in the morning and a show at night (all while trying to get a workout in). There seems to be more of a balance in UFC.
  • “I’m looking to finish this fight with a TKO.”
  • Fight is around 170-175 pounds, Punk stated he is at 200 right now.

Mickey Gall

  • As young as he is, Mickey is here for the long haul. “My goal is to be UFC Champion.”
  • In regards to Punk’s statement that he is at 200 pounds; “I’m up for the fight regardless of weight.”
  • In regards to starting out early: “Once I learned about MMA and the UFC, that was it. This is the real deal.”
  • Future fights: “I’m in the UFC now and I’m here to stay. I want to go to war with the best in the world.”
  • How he got to challenge CM Punk: Dana White went to his first fight. CM Punk is new and about even with him. Mickey wants to take advantage of any situation he has to get Dana White to continue to notice him.
  • Mickey is on the main card of a UFC PPV. It is a true dream come true for him.

All in all, this was a very entertaining call. With just about a week+ until the event,  it will be interesting to see if/how Punk can cut weight in time for UFC 203. What entrance music will these two come out two? Win or lose, what fighters will be on their radar next? As CM Punk smartly stated many times during the call, you’re just going to have to tune in (buy the PPV) to find out.

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