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Women In Sports: Q&A with Team USA Beach Volleyball Star Brooke Sweat

Brooke Sweat began her beach volleyball career in 2007 and played a couple of seasons with current Cardinal Mooney volleyball coach, Kristen Batt Rohr. They won four events and were named AVP Top Guns in 2009 and 2010.

In 2013, Sweat teamed with Jennifer Fopma to win the Huntington Beach Open and was named the AVP Defensive Player of the Year.

In 2014, Sweat and current partner Lauren Fendrick finished second in the AVP event in St. Pete at Spa Park, the same site of this year’s tournament. Ranked 12th on the FIVB World Tour and one of the top ranked volleyball players representing the United States, Brooke Sweat is a favorite on and off the court and is a great role model for future generations of the sport.

While training and preparing to qualify for the Olympics, Brooke took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with us as part of our continued month long celebration of Women In Sports.

Brooke Sweat (Photo credit: FIVB)

Brooke Sweat (Photo credit: FIVB)

DoubleGSports: When did you know you wanted a career in sports?

Brooke Sweat: I didn’t know until I was in college and just playing beach volleyball. I always had a passion for the sport but never dreamed I would make a career out of it.

DGS: Being a woman in sports, have you come across any specific challenges or discouragement?

BS: Honestly, I haven’t had any challenges or discouragement. Very happy and blessed with the community of beach volleyball.

DGS: Who do you look to for inspiration in your sports career?

BS: Family motivates and inspires me all the time. My husband Nick, is my everything. He always keeps me motivated and I do the same for him.

DGS: How do you feel about the current status of women in sports? What can improve?

BS: Always room for improvement. Wish more eyes where on women sports. Look at the WNBA. It’s exploding and that’s a testament to the landscape of female athletes worldwide.

DGS: When your career in sports is over, what do you hope people remember you by?

BS: Being a great person and ambassador for the beach volleyball community.

Brooke Sweat (Photo credit: FIVB)

Brooke Sweat (Photo credit: FIVB)

DGS: Did you play any other sports growing up?

BS: I played basketball, softball, gymnastics and ran track. I miss playing all of these sports, but I wouldn’t trade what I am doing for the world.

DGS: Being from Florida, what is the best place volleyball has taken you?

BS: Beach volleyball has taken me all around the world. Favorite place I must say was Gstaad, Switzerland. Simple gorgeous place.

DGS: What do you do for fun outside of your sports career?

BS: Travel back to Florida. Spend time with my family. Play some basketball and ping pong. Outside of sports, I simply want to relax.

DSG: What is your pre-match snack?

BS: A simple protein bar or strawberry shake will do. Nothing spectacular.

DGS: Warm up playlist. What music gets you ready for a match?

BS: I’m a huge country music fan. Need to listen to Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood. Country music always gets me ready for a match.

Brooke Sweat (Photo credit: FIVB)

Brooke Sweat (Photo credit: FIVB)

DGS: What is it like to represent the United States at events?

BS: It’s an honor to wear USA on my jersey at international events. I love my country and I’m proud to represent it all over the world. I never thought I’d be playing beach volleyball but to now be competing against the top teams in the world, I couldn’t picture life any other way.

DGS: Do you have a lucky article of clothing or other superstition?

BS: Me and my teammate wear the same necklace during matches. So far it’s a great good luck charm.

DGS: If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive ,who would you choose and why?

BS: Noah – would love to know how the ark was built? Donald Trump, why are you really running for president? Lady Gaga, I just want to sit down with her and get in her head. I find her very interesting .

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