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WWE Network’s first look at Dudley Boyz DVD: Straight Outta Dudleyville

Dudley Boyz

Dudley Boyz (Bleacher Report)


WWE featured a twenty minute preview into the Dudley Boyz DVD “Straight out of Dudleyville“, which was released on April 12th for prospective buyers. The few things highlighted in this DVD were:

1. The childhood and wrestling training of both D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley.

  • Interviews with family members that fleshed out their desire for wrestling was apparent since childhood.
  • D-Von always watching wrestling with his brothers and putting them in headlocks, among other moves.
  • D-Von’s training at Gleason’s Gym and being trained by Johnny Rodz. Bubba Ray knowing that he only wanted to wrestle and how he had to make that happen.

2. Their star rising in the original ECW

  • The foul mouthed, hardcore tag team that they were getting over big time in the infamous promotion.
  • The trademark tie-dye Dudley outfits they wore were discussed.

3. Time in WWE’s “Attitude Era”

  • Changing their look from tie-dye to the camouflage gear they’re famous for today.
  • The epic matches they had with Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz.
  • How proud their families were of them that they were living out their dreams.

 4. Splitting up the team in 2002

As a result of the brand split of Raw and Smackdown in 2002, Bubba Ray and D-Von were moved to different shows. Bubba went to Raw and D-Von to Smackdown. They didn’t feel like they were as successful in their solo careers and we’re happy to reunite at Survivor Series in 2003.

5. The lack of tag teams in 2004-2005 and the Dudley’s leaving WWE

At this time in WWE, the tag team division wasn’t what it used to be. The Hardyz were split, Edge and Christian were doing their own thing and the tag teams that were there weren’t getting over with crowds. The Dudley’s weren’t having the matches that they were use to. The last time they were featured on WWE programming was at the first ECW: One Night Stand PPV in 2005.

6. The return to WWE

During the sneak peek, you see various cut backs to The Dudley’s getting prepared to face a Raw crowd after 10 years of being away from the WWE product. You see that the nerves are there, but the excitement is just as visible. D-Von is smiling as he’s taping up his fingers, while Bubba Ray is hyping himself up while doing push-ups. This is something that they’ve been waiting for.

I think if you’re a Dudley Boyz fan you should definitely pick this DVD up. You will hear the history of this team from the members themselves, while it also includes great WWE alumni like Mick Foley, Edge and Joey Styles. They also have 20 matches of the team in this DVD. Give it a chance and take a trip to Dudleyville!

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