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Yankees set to hit arbitration with Severino

In a shocking turn of events, the New York Yankees failed to reach an agreement with young star pitcher Luis Severino, and they are set to hit arbitration.  It’s a strange move after their debacle last season with Dellin Betances.

According to multiple sources, Severino was asking for $5.25M and the Yankees were willing to offer $4.4M.  It’s a little alarming that the Yankees are unwilling to part ways with $800K to one of their best pitchers.

Arbitration sets a bad precedent to begin the season because it essentially pits the player against his team.  The team tries to show why the player isn’t as valuable as they’re stating, and the player tries to show what they’re missing out on.

Things will be just fine, but it’s not the right foot to get off on before the season starts.  Hopefully it’s nothing too serious, but it’s a bit puzzling to think that one of the most valuable franchises in the WORLD would balk at $800K for one of their best young players.  There needs to be more to this story.


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