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AJ Styles Recent “Talk is Jericho” Interview

AJ Styles (Photo: NJPW)

AJ Styles (Photo: NJPW)


Recently Chris Jericho interviewed a beloved wrestling veteran and the newest, hottest WWE acquisition at the moment, AJ Styles. AJ gave the wrestling world quite a shock when he debuted at the Royal Rumble on January 24, as the third entry. The place erupted and I’m sure the response is exactly what Styles wanted and needed.

This in-depth interview, immediately dove into the information that all the fans were dying to know. AJ takes the listeners through his first day as a WWE superstar. The first time he walked into the mens locker room. He wanted to appear respectful to the roster and not come off as some egotistical maniac, who thought that he was better than anyone. He took his time to observe and get a sense of the new atmosphere that he was in. AJ was also surprised that none of the WWE superstars leaked out the information on his whereabouts. He wanted the fans to be surprised by his debut and that was definitely accomplished. Kudos to the WWE wrestlers for knowing how to protect their fellow competitor and essentially their company.

I think everyone was curious about the process leading to the signing of AJ Styles.

AJ expressed his interest in being open to working with WWE, if an offer was made. He didn’t want to leave money on the table if an possibility of working with the biggest wrestling promotion out there was dangling in the air. Needless to say, the negations on bringing Styles in moved rather quickly. As it became more of an reality, AJ began to lose sleep and wondered how Vince would use him. A week before the Rumble, AJ received the call that he would debut.

With two years under his belt, wrestling under New Japan and establishing himself in the insanely popular stable “The Bullet Club”, it was really difficult saying goodbye.

That comradery with the other wrestlers is something that he will never forget.

However, working for WWE has its perks. For example, being able to wrestle in the same country that his family lives in. It also offers a new round of competition for Styles. Fresh feuds that AJ is more than pleased to dive into. He expressed his desire to wrestle Neville and Triple H in the near future. I would tune in to see those matches. WWE are you listening? Hopefully you are.

I was quite shocked to hear that AJ didn’t want to go to NXT if that was offered to him. I thought that he would leap at the opportunity to compete with the great talent that’s in developmental. However, for someone who has been in the business for seventeen years, I can understand his impatience to go straight to the main roster and show his skills to a bigger audience. An entire WWE universe.

The lasting impression I had of AJ Styles in this interview, was that he is extremely humbled and honored to be a WWE superstar and just wants to ride this train until the wheels fall off. Congratulations to you sir. You deserve all the fan fare and support that has come your way. Years of busting his butt to get to where he is now, he’s earned the right to be the talk of the town. Thanks goes out to Chris Jericho for conducting this interview and giving us fans a glimpse into the mind of AJ Styles, as he embarks on this amazing journey. AJ, you are truly phenomenal!

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